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VIC License curiosities

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DonJuan, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Hmmm... someone suggested to me the other day I should 'technically' move home with mum as that state only has license restrictions for 6 months which I would have already completed having had my license here in VIC for a year.

    I'm curious, what are the legalities of moving state and changing the license over and then moving back and changing a full license for a full license 2 years before my restrictions are up?

    Surely apart from having proof of address (which would be very easy) and actually attending the relevant authorities for photos, application, etc. there'd have to be other loopholes?

    I will admit if it works, I'd be very keen but have my doubts about this as $100 (+airfare) to get rid of restrictions doesn't sound like it would work at all...
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  2. You will get the equivalent licence that you are exchanging, just like someone who had originally come from your "new" state.
  3. Can't wait for that aprilia can ya? :sneaky:
  4. So if I change a restricted I'll need to serve 6 months restrictions?

    :( correct... actually, still tossing up between s1000xr or tuono factory but think it'll be the xr due to the need for secure luggage when commuting. If only the caponord was actually a bigger version of the tuono...
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