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License COurse - Too Soon??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Cambo, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Ok, got my Learners on the 11th Nov last year and will be picking my 1st bike up on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

    I have the day off on Friday 23 and was considering doing the license course.

    My only concern is would it be too soon to do the license course given that I haven't ridden a bike since the learners course.

    During the learners course we also practiced the fast speed coernering and we also practiceds counter steering so I'm confident in doing both of those satisfactorily.

    Would it still be too soon to do the license course?
  2. With HART you practice what you need to pass the Licence on the day. question is do you need to be in a rush? Your call, but i would suggest get a week or two on your new bike and then do the test.
  3. What's the bike? what's the bike?

    Congrats on getting 2 wheels. If you have the time why not wear your L plate for a while. I find people on this side of town seem to give way to Learners rather than cut them off.
  4. I got my L's on the 24TH Dec last year and have booked for my Licence on the 26th March. Have been riding my bike to work everyday and on weekends, even squeezed in acouple of netrider rides to get as much experience as possible doing highway/fwy and into town(city) and plan to keep doing so until the big day. Get as much experience as you can before going. Even with all the riding I have been doing I still personally feel I need to do more work on the swerving and countersteering. Just my thoughts. Cheers.
  5. If you can do what is required for the test - ie ride on the road for 30 minutes or something. And do the slow stuff (easy to practice), then go for it. You still have a year of being restricted before you can upgrade so plenty of time to learn.
  6. Book in for the license test. If your doing it at HART you will get lots of practice before you take the test. To tell you the truth, I found the license test easier than the learners.

    I actually still don't have a bike and have never ridden on the road but did my license test 3 months after the learners and passed with flying colours. It depends on how much confidence you have on a bike.
  7. It's different here in Vic.

    Cambo, you should be right with the test, as a few people have said you get heaps of time on the bikes before hand.

    But as Mithel said what's the rush? Maybe better to spend a bit of time on the bike before booking in just to see how you feel. After all thats what the Ls are for.