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License course tomorrow !

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VTR250, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. well i've had my Ls for 7 months now , going to have my first attempt at the license course tomorrow !

    i've been commuting to work , riding every day that the weather permits , and have ridden around 7000kms since getting my bike , and have practiced lotsa the stuff i'll need for the test , so i'm fairly confident .

    still a bit nervous tho !


    any last minute adivice appreciated !


  2. Where are you going for your licence?
  3. Stay relaxed. It's just another day on your bike, forget there's someone watching you and assessing your every move...

    Oh, and don't forget to "headcheck". Do they count that down in Vic? Up here, you get pinged for not doing a headcheck every time you move off during the test...
  4. The best thing I know for licence testing in Vic is "Do not try to predict the lights. Just wait til they change and do what they say"

    I tried to predict it (stupid habit of mine sometimes, especially when it comes to testing. Try to be the quickest/best) and I thought it would try to get me to brake but of course, an arrow appeared. heh. Lost all my points except 1 for the whole test with that stupid move. I.e I didn't lost points on any other thing except for one point.
  5. got my licence last week also

    everybody's nervous but i relaxed alot when the instructor told me that if we failed we just have to pay another $40 and come in and do the test only which takes about 15 min as many times as we want. after i heard that i realised its not a big deal if i failed and was much more relaxed.

    yes and don't forget headchecks. i did exaggerated ones so that i got in the habit and didn't forget. so don't do those quick checks cause they're easy to forget.

    also i kinda decided not to do the best emergency stop. i'd rather lose some points with a poor brake than fail trying to do the best stoppie and dropping the bike.

    best of lucky buddy!! and have fun that day!! :)
  6. I remember mine pretty well (even though it was 18 months ago). It will probably go something like this (I did a day course, so we did lots of practicing before hand, not sure if you are doing this too or the test only):

    1. You need to ride xmetres (can't remember how far, 10m or something) as slow as you can. You need to take longer than some amount of time (20sec maybe? can't remember). No putting your foot down or going outside the lines. It's really easy and theres no problems taking longer than the time needed.

    2. Ride around and indicate and do turns within a certain radius. You need to try and stay inside a set of lines. Again easy and no problems. You go on a little circuit and you lose points for going out of the lines, etc. You need to do this as quick as you can (you don't need to race, the pace you need to go isn't all that fast really).

    3. You need to ride around and toot your horn (no, really toot your horn, not brag about how great a rider you are ;) ) and put your high beams on, etc. This shows you know where the controls are and can operate them without looking.

    4. Emergency braking. You ride towards the guy (going quickish, 30k's maybe) and when he signals you need to brake and stop as quick as you can. This gets measured and you get marked according to how fast you were going and how quickly you managed to stop. Use both brakes and your full hand on the front brake lever (I used only 2 fingers so my stopping distance was greater, but still passed no probs. Bad habit I've since kicked :) ).

    5. Now the fun bit, countersteering and emergency stopping. You ride towards a board (or similar) with coloured lights. You need to be going over a certain speed (from memory they said 20k's is a good speed). You ride straight towards this thing, then when you are a certain distance from it (2-5m?) a light will come on. Left light you countersteer left, same for right, red light you emergency brake. Your braking needs to be as short as possible, and don't drop the bike. If you do its an auto failure. You need to do each of the above a number of times, and its all random.

    My advice: stay relaxed duing the countersteering (my wife psyched herself out and had all sorts of trouble getting through it). Number 5 is the only thing that most people would get a bit nervous about, everything else is fine and with the k's you've done I don't think you'll have any problems :) Not sure if I've left anything out, but I think the above are the main things.

    Good luck with it and let us know how you go,

  7. Just try relax mate. u should have no probs. unless u drop the bike
    its hard to fail the test, & the test dosent take long at all (only a few mins)

    with having 7mths on the road behind u, u will have no probs mate.

    Good luck :wink:
  8. The P's course is easier than the L's course. Relax, and enjoy it.
  9. Yep Like Dale said... anyway most places give you a revision first, which gets you re-aquanted with their bikes... and you've already survived 7 months on Victorian roads so the test will be a doddle.
    G :cool: :cool: D LUCK
  10. Dont know about where youre doing ya license, but where i did mine,
    the whole day was riding & practising what we actually had to do in
    the test. the test itself is no more than 10-15mins.
  11. I've just done my Ls, and there was someone doing their License at the same time. Looked to me to be prtty much exactly the same as the L course as far as I could see. Bearing in mind that in Vic we do it on closed track. So from what I can see it should be a no brainer.
    IMHO anyway
  12. going for P's and full licence

    I went for my L's June 2005 and my Full AKA P's 30 th December 2005 i had done a fair amount of riding in that time but still
    i was a nervouse as a wombat looking at a truck for most of the day (full course better idea regardless of how much someone has ridden)until it came test time i was so relaxed and passed the best part is If you are fully licenced for a car you dont have to display a P plate :grin: i got my licencec through MTA in Dandenong http://www.motorcycletraining.com.au/
  13. good luck, the test is a piece of piss.
  14. Nothing to worry about, with that much experience you should breeze through. Thing to remember is that the braking test is where you can accrue the most points (which is bad), even still don't try and predict the lights. I did the same as undii and ended up braking for all 4 tests - still passed though, you just need to do well on the cornering tests.
  15. Some tips...

    If you are riding your bike for the test before the test starts ride through the parallel turns for a few times.

    Taking a left, come in from the right move to left in the centre and leave on the right. Try to make it as straight as possible and not to lean over too much. The speed is on 40 so take it easy. You don't need to stick your knees. Vis for the right.

    With the lights, just look at them. Try to hum a song in your minds while looking at them. This helped me in making any predictions. Take is nice and slow up to 40 and look at the lights. Do not panic when it comes up and try to keep upright untill the light comes up. If you bend one side you are predicting. So keep it straight it will easy on the turns.

    I got 92, I don't know what that means but was told it was good. And this was my first licence test for a motorcyle in Australia and for a full licence.

    So good luck mate, listen to some songs on the way and chew a gum. :p
  16. Oh and if you're using one of their bikes then during the practice session don't be afraid to lean the thing over as far as possible, lock the brakes whatever - they've got crash bars for a reason and it's better to find the bike's limits during practice than the test.
  17. yeah the bike is supplied ( doing it with HART ) .

    thanks for the advice and encouragement guys , much appreciated .

    was a bit concerned about just how fast i'd have to go to get a good result through the turns , you've put me a bit more at ease yamraj , cheers .

    weathers looking good for tomorrow , a good sign .

    i'll let you know how i go !

  18. Good luck VTR250. I am sure you will do fine. Have confidence :grin:
  19. the test is in 1st & 2nd gear so speed is no more than 35km/h.
    they'll tell u what min speed is, but its not very fast at all.

    let us know how u went :wink:
  20. passed , woo hoo !!!


    was very satisfying to pull that L plate off the bike on the weekend .

    the test wasn't that challenging , just a matter of keeping the nerves under control .

    12 people did the course on saturday , all but one passed .

    the dude who failed stacked his bike during the lightbox bit : he guessed right , red light came up , he braked hard and over he went .