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VIC License category

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by InlineSix, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hello guys, currently in a pickle with my license. I am currently on my P1's and absolutely sick of riding the gutless LAMS range of bikes and there is absolutely no way i am waiting 3 years. which is the reason i am purchasing a 600rr this week. What i want to know is why does my license state two different provisional license ending dates.

    On my license it says

    R - 29-XX-2018
    P2 End Date - 13-xx-2018

    I thought you automatically got a full motorcycle license on the same day your P2 ends, What gives?

  2. check how long P2 is valid for. upgrade is not automatic
  3. Also i apoligise if this is in the wrong
    Expires on the 13-01-2018
    And R - 29-06

    About 1-2 months ago i was caught 23 km/h over the limit while on my L's and also did not have my plate on, which i lost 3 points for. Could this be the reason?
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  4. P2 licence and P2 restrictions are a MINIMUM period of 3 years. that doesn't mean the P2 licence is ONLY valid for 3 years.

    I'm not familiar with Vicroads, but in NSW R = rider licence, P2 = the probationary condition.
    Victoria R may be "restricted" = the LAMS etc restrictions

    if you are getting a 600RR now, why do you care when the P2 period ends? makes no difference to you except if you get pulled over, and then you're screwed anyway :D (3 points straight up)

    if you weren't suspended for your speeding fine on your "gutless" LAMS bike, then it shouldn't have any effect on the length of probationary period.

    if you have a car licence as well, then the licence itself may expire before your restriction period ends.. since you only pay for X years of licence at a time
  5. I'm not familiar with Vicroads, but in NSW R = rider licence, P2 = the probationary condition.

    Well i guess were both shit out of luck then, since what I'm reading on my license seems rather confusing. These dates all listed are taken straight from my probationary license that is in front of me right now.

    I also thought it was supposed to say RE instead of R on my license.

    if you are getting a 600RR now, why do you care when the P2 period ends? makes no difference to you except if you get pulled over, and then you're screwed anyway :D (3 points straight up)

    I was rather curious.

    if you weren't suspended for your speeding fine on your "gutless" LAMS bike, then it shouldn't have any effect on the length of probationary period.

    No i wasn't suspended and looking at my ticket i was done for 24 (originally 25 but 1km was taken off due to the laws), i also like how you quoted the gutless part, as you are trying to say a 190-200kg bike that has 71BHP is not gutless, same goes with all the other LAMS bikes that are also extremely overpriced.

    Also yes i have a car license.. In Victoria the categories are all listed on the one license.
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    it depends how many different licence classes you have, and when your first licence was issued.
    best check with Vicroads if there is any confusion.

    for example, If I have a 3 year car licence, but had P1 restrictions for a year, then the licence expiry and restriction expiry dates will be different.
    if you get your P2 rider licence say, January 2015, but your 3 year car licence was issued January 2014... then your "licence" will expire Jan 2017, but the restrictions will expire January 2018 (after the licence expires)

    the Vicroads site really sucks.. hard to find anything on there. call them tomorrow and find out.

    nah, I was meaning if you can get caught speeding on a gutless LAMS bike, than a 600RR is probably not going to help you keep your licence :D (vs a power limited LAMS bike)
    riding non-LAMS bike on a restricted licence = no insurance?

    also, if you are still on P1 now (1 year) and P2 is 3 years.. why does it say P2 on your licence for a time 2.5 years from now? shouldn't it say P1 now?

    from Vicroads

    Type of motorcycle licence issued

    Once you have successfully completed your motorcycle assessment, the type of motorcycle licence issued to you (probationary or a restricted full licence) will depend on whether you already hold a driver licence or not.

    You hold a driver licence
    If you already hold a driver licence, your motorcycle licence category will be added to your driver licence. If your driver licence is probationary, the motorcycle probationary period will end at the same time as your driver licence probationary period.
    You don’t hold a driver licence
    If you are under the age of 21, you will be issued with a 4 year probationary licence. The first year is the probationary P1 period and the following 3 years is the probationary P2 period.
    If you are 21 years or older, you will be issued with a 3 year probationary P2 licence.

    is your car licence probationary or full licence? (at the time of getting your bike Ps?)
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    Ah i see, well sort of. I think i might give them a ring tomorrow. But knowing Vic-roads the employees themselves are dumber than a bucket of rocks who don't even know what they preach. I might give the cops a call as well and just see what they have to say. As regards to the bike, I've been on a lot of full powered bikes such as the R1 and the likes, i honestly don't know how people are able to mentally sit on a 125/250/300 and ride it around since they are so depressing. And 600 lams class is Much better but not that big of a step up.

    I also noticed when i ride a full powdered bike i am extremely more tame and much more cautious and don't seem to speed or have the need to prove my self to anyone. It's funny how it works.

    Only few more days left.

    My car license is probationary (P2) and i've had it for maybe a year or two now, When i got my Bike P's i was already on my P2.

    Also cheers for the help.
  8. Victoria mototcycle licence is listed as (r) on the front of licence.
    It does not mean restricted at all.

    If you've got any restrictions they are all listed on the back of your licence with a date of expiry .
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  9. If you're slow on a lams bike, why do you think you will be fast an a bigger bike? Do a riding course and you might find those bikes are quicker than you think.
  10. It was confusing for me too when I was on P's but on the front of your license if you have a date next to R that is your LAMS restriction ending date.

    So on 13th January 2018 you can take off your P Plates on your restricted bike. 6 months later on 29th June 2018 you can ride the 600RR. Hope that helps.
  11. To clear things up , the R on your Licence stands for RIDER

    Here are the Conditions that may be imposed on your driver licence:
    • A - automatic transmission
    • B - synchromesh transmission - heavy vehicle only
    • E - LAMS restriction, no pillion passenger and zero BAC
    • I - ignition interlock device
    • N - automatic transmission (motorcycle)
    • P - passenger restriction
    • S - glasses or corrective lenses
    • V - driver aids or vehicle modifications
    • X - any condition or restriction VicRoads has advised you of in writing
    • Z - zero blood alcohol limit

    R 10-10-2017 E <--- This means LAMS restrictions until 10-10-2017

    On the BACK of your Licence you will see

    E - LAMS restriction, no pillion passenger and zero BAC End Restriction (10-10-2017)

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  12. Here's another question about the LAMS-to-full license transition: when my restriction will be over do I have to come to a vicroads shopfront and ask for reissuing of my license or will they send me a new one by post or something? Vicroads website seem to hold no info in this topic.
  13. from what I've read,

    your restrictions are that you cannot ride a big boy until you have held your motorcycle license for 3 years.

    P's are 4 years

    so on your final year of P's, you may ride the big boy bike.

    or do it now, whatever, it's your life
  14. Neither. My restrictions expired in 2007 and that's what's still stamped on the back on my licence.
  15. I've looked into this one, you just automatically have your licence restrictions removed.
    I asked Vic Roads and they said that when your restriction period is up you can ride whatever you like, the restriction is removed from your licence info online (so cops dont see you on a 1200 beast and assume you're a LAMS rider). They do not send you a new licence card.

    I'd imagine when your licence is due to be paid again, you would get the updated card if this is after your restriction period.

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  16. weird.. NSW you have to apply for your next licence (= form + fee (for at least a reprint)), it's not automatic progression
  17. Think this has been discussed in another post recently but here it goes again. Hope this helps!

    Your restricted bike license is for 3 years no matter what type of car license you hold. So, your Ps for your car license may end on, say Jan 1 2016 but you'll still be on your restricted bike license until you've had it for three years. The only difference is that you no longer have to display your P plates on the bike.

    So let's say your Ps for your car license end on Jan 1 2016, and your restrictions on your bike license end on Jan 1 2018, you can take your P plates off your bike in 2016 but you're still on LAMS bikes until 2018.
    If they catch you riding a non-LAMS bike on a restricted license, and if you get an arsehole copper, you'll most likely get a hefty fine and possibly a ban on riding. Most cops are nice about that though, but still...
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  18. One more quick question: if I'm still on my P2 when my LAMS period ends, would I have to display a green P plate on any bikes(including non-LAMS) I will ride before P2 ends?
  19. Yes.
    You have to display P plates until your P-period ends for your car license. After that you're all good.
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  20. Stack that 600RR into something or worse, someone and you will be well fcuked.
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