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Licencing differences between Vic and Qld

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GoTeam, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Here's my questions regarding a licence change from Vic to Qld to those in the know. My stint in Melbourne is set to end later this year and I'm due to go back to Brisbane. I got rid of my L plate 3 weeks ago but am still on restrictions for a while. My car licence was supposed to expire in July 2009 and I've been unrestricted on that since 1997. I haven't received my update/combined licence from VicRoads yet so don't know what change will exist to that date. With that background info:

    1. What's the restriction period in Qld?
    2. Would I be better off renewing my Vic licence for 12 months then changing to a Qld licence after my restriction period is up (22 March 2010) or doesn't it matter and my bike restriction will end in March 2010 regardless?
  2. Here's a idea. Use the phone 13 23 80 :wink:
  3. OK, I stopped being lazy and called. :) After going through 475 gazillion automated menus, I got the answer I needed.

    If anyone is interested, LAMS will be implemented in Qld from July of this year so (I was told) its likely I'll just continue with the same restrictions as here in Vic until my restriction period is over.