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Licence to shoot, NSW Police

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by A boy named Sue, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. So I've decided to become a proper citizen and get a licence to shoot. You fill in some form on the internet which creates a small file to get emailed to the cops. So far so good (and I had done that much once before). But now the email bounces and I get some message saying their mailbox is full. I've sent a couple of messages via their on-line feedback form but no luck.

    Has anybody got a shooting licence recently? Is there a new email address? I'll call them tomorrow in any case.
  2. Can the mods please just open a shooters forum on here and be done with it.
  3. It is way easier to ring the firearms registry direct and get them to send you the forms. You'll also need to do a test at an authorised agent - try your local gun shop, club or range. Make copies of all the forms, and make sure you send them in by registered mail. The whole process is really slow and not cheap either.
  4. Good luck with that, they won't make it easy.
  5. Thanks, I found a guy close to my work who can teach me how to handle long arms. He told me I need to get the forms first so I'll try ringing the registry folk.
  6. What is it you want to do? Hunting, target shooting, what type of rifle are you going to buy and where will you use it. Dont forget to factor in the gun cabinet in your budget.
    The law allows for you to own firearms of certain types based on different criteria ie; Primary producer, gun club member, security work etc or as a member of the public for some rifles. However they don't really want the general public armed to the teeth so they will make it as hard for you as they can.
    I have had firearms for many years and have kept my license up but a friend who meets all the requirements has been waiting for 6 months so far for his application to be accepted.
    Whilst I'm in SA I suspect you will run into the same problem in NSW, I could be wrong.
  7. Amen
  8. I'll [allegedly] continue to perform vermin control / rec hunting with somebody else's gun; on their property. I just want a licence as I travel for work and don't want to end up with a firearm conviction as that can make visas tricky.
  9. It used to be every police station (or at least every decent sized one) had a licensing sergeant. May have changed, but it might be worth printing out the form and taking it to your local cop shop.
  10. Don't do this, it won't work. In NSW, you can only apply through the firearms registry, on the forms they send you.
  11. Wait... what? You can get a licence to shoot NSW Police now?
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  12. OK, I won't argue. It's been a while since I've known this.
  13. They emailed me today so I could send them the info to that address. All good. Ta.
  14. Sorry, that reply came out sounding nasty, which wasn't my intent. I have had decades of experience with the NSW firearms registry, mostly good, BUT you do have to follow the correct procedures to keep them happy.
  15. Is there anyway i can get a permit to have a nice desert eagle to use as a paperweight on my desk? i just want to feel the mechanical quality and solidity of the metal, not so much blow someone's head apart with the 50cal bullet.
  16. you won't get one in .50, but you can get one in .357 which still kicks plenty hard with a hot load.

    you will need to join a club, do 6 weeks training, wait 6 + 1 months for a PTA then knock yourself out.... then you gotta attend 6 competitive shoots per year to keep it.

    After bikes I am deadset gun-nut with a small armoury of handguns and long arms .
  17. Unco, I think a historic collectors licence is what you want. Or you could just put some random Honda parts on your desk.
  18. I didn't take offense.
  19. "Don't post incriminating stuff on public forums." - Abraham Lincoln, 2014.

    Can you elaborate? I travel for work, but that has nothing to do with firearms?
    I assume you mean you transport firearms or something similar?