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Licence Tests- Where to Go??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AngieW, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Hi! Wasn't sure where to put this, BUUUUT...

    I need a little advice. I need to sit my test for my P plates in a couple months, and I was just wondering- are all the license testing/training places the exact same? Are some stricter than others? Are there any places I should avoid?

    The reason I ask this is because
    a) I'm super nervous about it and
    b) I have about 5 close friends who ride- and they've all said different things.

    Here's a list of the places I'm considering if that's of any relevance... I'm based in Pakenham.-
    Allstar Motorcycle Training [Dandenong]
    Ridetek MTA [Dandenong]
    HART [Kilsyth]
    Motorcycle Motion [Morabbin]

    If the general consensus is that it doesn't matter- then I'll go for the closest :D Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm heading to Motorcycle Motion in the next week or so to grab my Red P's. All my friends have gotten their’s there as well and literally everyone that I've asked has said that it's SIGNIFICANTLY easier than your Learners Test.

    Something about a little screen or something that randomly tells you to swerve left, right, or stop.

    From what I can tell it's all about accident avoidance, and Motorcycle Motion has a great reputation. :)
  3. Motorcycle Motion in Moorabbin are a great bunch of people.
    Either ride a KYMCO 125 or a Chook Chaser. The choice is yours.
    Plenty of practice time doing what you will be performing for your test.
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  4. Wait - do you know what selection of bikes they have? I was hoping to use a newer model VTR 250 like I did at Armstrong's for my learners.. I'd like to avoid small bikes at all costs...
  5. Add DECA in Carrum Downs to the list. I think they are State Govt owned so will be stringent. Heard the Sandown Racecourse one (Ridetek?) is one to consider.
  6. I did both my courses at Ride -Tek. No problems, very helpful.
  7. Go to bed Mandy its getting late.
  8. Haha yea... this is the issue I'm having- I got my learners in QLD so my test was 5 multiple choice questions and $20... bam got my learners. But you needed a supervisor (couldn't ride on your own) then you either did a course 3months in to get ps or waited 1yr and did an on-road test (similar to the car one)... so I'm nervous/stressed.

    A LOT of my friends have said motorcycle motion as well- they don't have online booking, so does anyone know how far they're booked up at the moment?
  9. Forgot to mention I used Ride trek. Very help full.
  10. Did I mention I'm freakin out? Lol. It kind of snuck up on me- 10 minutes prior to this post I'm like "3 months til I can do xmas lights" then it hit me I have to do my ps soon...

  11. They managed the book one in for me within 3 days of my call, I don't think they're overly busy at the moment. Just be aware that you need to do your Hazards test at Vicroads before they'll allow you to be tested (I wasn't aware of this) and if it's your first license there will be a $70 extra charge. :(
  12. I AM in bed!
  13. I'm confused- so if I have my ps for my car already do I need to go to vicroads still for the hazards thing?
  14. Whoever you book with will be able to tell you what you need to do.
  15. Sorry

  16. Uh - If you've got your car P's you're sweet, no extra charge or hazards needed. Good to go! :)
  17. Lol way to make me more nervous :p

    Ok cool, looks like I need to make dreaded phone calls...
  18. Don't worry, it's easier than the Ls test.
  19. If you can, do a practice session before the test. I know HART do these. Suspect the others do as well. Explain the Qld bit and they should be able help you.
  20. I was personally just going to get a friend and build our own little practice ring. He'll hold a card, and flip it as I get close. Sounds silly, but it's free and fun.