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Licence testers Vic,, Can anyone suggest who's the best

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bsab20, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Can you guys maybe suggest in your opion who is the best accredited tester in Vic for licence testing,, maybe you have had a good experience and can share it.

    The resaon for this post is that I got my L's late last year with a certain accredited tester and thought that they were very unprofessional, one instructor in particular thought he was there to show us how fast he could ride, how to bring out all the bikes at speed on a walk way between the particpants and in general big note how good he was. This was not just my opion as a number of our group made comment. And no i'm not going to buy a bloody honda. Not going back there.

  2. Ridetek are OK, but the reports I've heard from their students has left me less than enthused about the quality of their training. I'd say the two-day course at HART is FAR better than Ridetek's course. Much more useful information on safe riding is given - some of it absolutely vital (and was missing from Ridetek's course). The testing at HART is very by the book though - there's no leniency. If you're looking for an easy pass, go elsewhere.
  3. Rider Bros are awesome.
  4. +1
    and they are cheaper than HART too.
  5. I did mine the first time at HART in Tullamarine - it was fun

    Second-time around, I did it at MTA in Dandenong - very friendly and helpful :)
  6. HART are the way to go. Very thorough and proffessional..
  7. Another vote for Rider Bros here. A fantastic day and they had a way to make you relax and made the test seem easy!
  8. I did my P's test with Ridetek and my learners with HART both were very good but i would give the edge to Ridetek I think Mal/Mel was the guy who did the p's test and he was awesome...even though it was pissing rain everybody had a ball and picked up some very useful info...I don't think it really matters who you go with, it matters which instructor you get :)