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Licence Test today at 10:30am EST

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Doggy, May 4, 2006.

  1. Well it's not a bike licence, already have that but I'm going for my truck licence (rigid) :grin:

  2. Good luck with it anyway. Just stay the f*** away from my bike when you're on the road :p
  3. good luck doggy
    cheers clint
  4. i want a truck licence too!
  5. cool.... :grin: i want one as well
    how hard is the test..... when completed of course :LOL:
  6. Test done & passed.

    No problems test went super sweet and now I can drive the big red truck (firetruck that is). I've always been a back seat passenger side type of guy (Perve seat! :p ) but with everyone transfering out it has become ness for me to start driving. :roll:

    Test was not hard as such just long, driving for 1hr 15mins (actual driving time). Bit like driving a cruiser after a sports bike. Brake sooner, accelerates slower, not as manuverable. :LOL: Kidding guys on cruisers (I ride a GS so I can't say too much!).

    I practiced a lot and had a pretty good mentor (really old school) who showed me the ropes and the tricks.

    Only things picked up on were:

    - Not enough checking at rail crossings (even though had boom gates WTF?)

    - and get this "Not enough headchecks whilst reversing" Bloody hell. This guy must have known I was a rider (helmet etc gives it away). He reconed I relied too much on mirrors. You can't see out the back of the truck anyway so I don't really get that one but meh, I passed.

  7. Good on ya Andrew - \:D/ :woot:
  8. well done mate...
    :grin: :grin:
  9. Jumped on the bike and headed down to the DOT center to get new pic taken and I walk in and jump on the end of the massive line. I'm taking my gloves off and this fat guy behind the counter shouts out "Take your helmet off!" No please or anything. There was no signs on the door etc like at servos. What he thought I was going to wait in line to rob the place! :LOL:


    Checked my new licence and I find "C" for cat opps I mean car is now gone WTF? Just has "MR" & "R" MR is Medium Rigid truck, 8t + and limited to two axles & R is Rider ie unrestricted motorcycle but there is no C anymore. My thinking is that the higher code allows you to drive a lower class vehicle? I would ask Department of Transport but you sit on hold for like 2 hours so it'll have to wait.