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Licence Test Suggestions??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kenny, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Hi, I am looking to finally book in to get off my L's, and need some advice from people who have recent experience on where is best to go.
    I done my learner course at HART and was happy with them but I think I would be more comfortable on my own bike at somewhere like rider bros.
    Just wanting to know if people have had good or bad experiences with any of the licence tesing places and what people think of using their bike or my own

    Thanks, Kenny
  2. When I did my licence test (ages ago admittedly) at HART, 5 people out of 11 dropped their bikes. It was a bit slippery as it had been raining. An elderly lady on a scooter that HART provided, broke her wrist when she came off. All those bikes had protective railings or whatever you want to call it in case of such events. It's up to you though, if you got the cash to fix any parts just in case you do drop it, go for it :)
  3. Rider Bro's are a bit more chilled out than the testers at HART.
    If you drop it at HART, it's all over rover, come back and try again another day, whereas if you are at Rider Bro's, they let you have another shot at it. Rider Bro's are also a little bit cheaper and the waiting time for bookings is slightly less too.

    Don't use your own bike, you pay the same fee to crash on their bike as you do on your own. :wink:
    The test itself is a walk in the park, you'll be fine if you have had the time in the saddle during the past months.
  4. The P plate test in Vic is easier than the L's test IMO, and you will probably have no problem completing the test criteria on your own bike.

    I highly recommend doing the HART P's license/training though, they will wheel you through low speed maneuvering and technique that will take you much longer to learn/get the hang of (if you ever do) by yourself in normal day to day riding.

    Don't be concerned about failing the test due to being unfamiliar with the CBFs, By the time you are tested on the them later in the day, you will be very comfortable on the bike, perhaps even more comfortable than on your own :)
  5. Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing might suit you. Not too far from Bacchus Marsh and they are quite good. ;)
  6. the cheapest place you can find.

    They get you through quick if they see you're able.

    No point sitting around waiting for 12 people when they can get you done and gone.

    Baylink FTW
  7. I did my L's first time around at HART about 10yrs ago, and even though i knew some of the testers i still found it very formal, and not very forgiving.

    after letting my L's expire and then not riding for a few years i went for them again earlier this year at rider Bros.

    i found rider bros more relaxed, also for myself and others that did the test they gave great instructions and tips if they picked up any part of your riding that needed correction, not just what applied to passing the test, but for safety and better riding in general. which really helped improve my riding and confidence.

    they also showed me the riding test for full license which didn't seem too difficult.

    either way both Hart and rider bros are professional, i just tend to lean more towards the latter which is why i'll be booking my license with them soon), and i think that since you're paying for it you might as well use their bikes (just in case :wink: )
  8. I've done my Ls, a practice sesssion, Ps and an intermediate course at HART over the last 12 months. After each time I've come away a better rider.

    It's an all day course doing your Ps. You'll learn much more than is required to pass the test. The test itself is quite straight forward. There 10 people on the course that day and only 1 dropped his bike and failed the test. He was able to sit the test again the same day. It cost an extra $60 I think.

    Using their bikes means that you can drop it and ride the clutch all you like.
  9. I did my Ls and licence test at HART. I found them to be pretty good. I saw one or two get a talking to but it seemed to me that they "knew better" than the instructor and didn't listen or disputed the instructors' suggestions. During the extra training part on the day of my licence test, I dropped the CB250. That didn't worry me. I pushed far further than I normally would have just to see whether I was up to it. I wasn't. The crash rails did their job. I picked up the bike, talked to the instructor and continued. I'd never have pushed that limit on my bike so may have found out the hard way one day on my own.

    The licence test is dead easy. If you can normally ride your bike without crashing then you will pass. I don't think there's any need to practice beforehand. Riding around normally is your practice. If you happen to get nervous, muck up and fail (that's the only way you will fail - nerves), you can pay to do the test again afterwards. I don't know how much it is. I think it's in the order of $70-$80... but better than the entire fee and doing the entire thing all over again.

    Oh, there was one downside to using the CB250 on the day of my licence test. Once it warmed up, fked if it would go into neutral. I either held in the clutch or turned it off when stopped because of that.
  10. thanks to all for the advice, I have booked in with Rider Bros for next month.
    Still undecided on whether or not to use their bike or mine, I can see the point that if I drop their its a case of "oh well" but still think I will be more comfortable on my zzr, I'll have to have a think about that one.