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Licence Test - Sorted but many offs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Arik, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Hey guys - I got my full licence yesterday - no more unsightly yellow stains on the back of the bike - Did a fenderectomy last night to celebrate...YEAH!

    Now, only 12 months and counting until no restrictions!

    I was surprised how many people dropped the bike during the hazard avoidance test, we had 12 people in our group (Hart Tullamarine), mostly older dudes, everyone riding well during practice, but I think 5 or 6 people failed due to dropping the bike - one guy went right under and had a bit of a slide.

    A tip to anyone doing their P-test might be to really concentrate on not 'acting' until you see the light as it looked as if most of those who fell off anticipated a swerve, then saw the red light and braked hard whilst the bike was sideways - oops.

    I don't suppose any netriders were at HART yesterday (mon 19th)??
  2. Congrats on passing the test Arik.
    Good tips there re the swerving test but half the riders dropping their bikes?? :shock: Wow
  3. Yeah - I was a bit freaked because I was last and saw every second rider crap out on the hazard test thinking...maybe I'll fail!
    Luckily the examiner dude hung around and let them go again.
  4. Congrats on the pass Arik - 364 days to go

    So what was the ratio of the ones who failed - was it mostly the "older dudes" or the young ones?
  5. There wasn't any young (under 25) people doing the test.
    And the drops had no relationship with age or (that I could see) skill demonstrated during the day. Example - one dude had had his licence a long time ago, rode dirt bikes frequently, and was cornering much more skillfully than most during the practice was one of the first to go down.

    I think maybe it was a domino effect of nerves - once they started to fall the nerves seemed to get to people waiting on the line.

    I was not only nervous but also very distracted.
    Kim if you are reading this I left my heart in Tullamarine.
  6. AAAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How sweet.
  7. how much do you need to swerve to pass? and how fast do you need to be going through the corners to pass?
  8. Maestro -
    They won't tell you how fast to go through the curves. "as fast as you can safely" it's basically a test of how well you can judge the right speed for a curve. I didn't lose any points on the curves and I think I was doing about 25. Crossing the lines is much more serious than speed (8 points for crossing the line, I think 1 point for under speed).

    As the swerves we responsible for so many crashes, most people took it very, very easy on the swerve test - some seemed to be swerving only about a foot away from the centreline and passed OK - most weren't really swerving - they just went into a turn and kept going around for their next run at the lights.

    Similarly on the emergency stop test most people were braking conservatively and getting away with it.

    It seems the only thing to watch out for is the tendency to predict the swerve then stuff up the emergency stop. You can lose 40 points before they give you a fail, and it seems to be pretty easy to get thru under 40 points provided you don't drop the bike.
  9. The reason I am asking is that I might not have a bike within the first three months of my L's, was wondering if I would get away with getting my full licence without any riding in between. Has anyone done this? I have been told that the full licence test is easier then the Ls, what do you people recon?
  10. I slipped of the lever on the red light and was only pulling the front brake on with my pinky and still passed! Stupid little CB.
  11. I think it would be possible if your base skills were reasonable - balance, coordination for gears/clutch/brakes, head position, leans etc. If you can countersteer and your nerves are good, maybe.

    I read that the p-test was easier, and looking at it on paper it seems like it would be, I personally thought it was easier as there were less points to fail on (no indicators, doesn't matter if you stall on the emergency stop, no slow riding, etc)


    so many 'compentant' riders binned it yesterday! One dude who slid with the bike on top of him was quite confident on fast tight tuens and was scraping the crashbars consistently and smoothly when I was following him through the practice s-bend course earier on in the day. He went off with his tail between his legs tho.

    you might book in for a practice session - HART do one for 60 bucks for an hour and a half, then just practice your swerves and emergency stops a few times, maybe the day before your test.
  12. It is definitely easier. Whether you can pass without practice depends on your current skill level I would think.
  13. Triway - can't agree with you more about the 'crappy CB250s'.
    On my L-test I though "at least they are forgiving" but that was with a relatively new one - 5000ks

    The POS I was allocated yesterday was rough as guts (7000ks on the clock), everything rattled- heaps of clutch clatter, shyte brakes, really bent footpegs (which made the gear shift almost impossible to get your foot under unless you were wearing ballet shoes, I of course had left mine at home).

    What really bit the big one was that my perfectly rideable VTR was sitting in the carpark meters away from where I was getting tested...poor thing watching me ride that cheap ho of a CB around, I'm lucky she is not a jealous bike.

    Actually my pipe would have made it hard to hear the instructor...
  14. Thanks for the reply Arik

    Never thought I'd be the one saying, "the good ol days" but was too easy to get a licence 25 years ago - one lap around the block of the registry. Tester waited out front and supposedly timed you - too fast and you failed. I'd heard of some people failing for not parallel parking the bike upon return - first and last one I've ever done :shock:

    I did make sure I did a refresher at Hart when I came back to riding.
  15. Hey guys, yeah I got my full license on the 19th of June at Tulla. I was the ONLY chikki under25 by the looks of things. Yeah im one of the losers who decided to do a Rambo dive off my bike, while doing an emegency stop. But lucky I was able to do a re-test afterwards. So $60 later and a slightly bruised leg I got my licence. Whoo HOOoo! My friend Sarah got her Learner licence the next day, which is great. Arik is right, not many people under 25 doing the test. Cute line btw Arik, bought a smile to my face.
  16. So you're the famous Kim :LOL:
    Congratulations to the both of you on your special day :rofl:
  17. [/quote]Cute line btw Arik, bought a smile to my face.
  18. Cute line btw Arik, bought a smile to my face.

    Sounds like it was not the jacket that was/is killer, but it's contents!

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. "Congratulations to the both of you on your special day" :?: ??? Riiiiight.. If you consider a stacking infront of 12 people "special" then I wonder what your "not so special" days are like.

    "Kim that was a killer jacket - where did you get it?"
    Yeah love my jacket, should get one with more protection tho. but I guess it was love at first wear and sealed the deal with my decision to get my L's. Plus I can wear it off the bike too. Got it at Leather Cargo in the city. Another good place to get good leather jackets. Most look a bit :? But you can get some leather jackets there with inbuilt pads/protectors. They also do customized jackets.

    If the person who did their test was second last (11th), is reading this... Hope ur ok. That stack looked pretty full on. And good on ya for gettin straight back up. As for me, I just wanted to punch a wall.

    Oh and since no one in the group actually spoke more then 2 words to me, I might not remember who you are. I generally remember people in that group by what they wore and how they rode.
  20. "Sounds like it was not the jacket that was/is killer, but it's contents!"
    Trust me Typhoon.... that jacket was/is a killer, JUST like its contents. :shock: Even when rolling on hard gravel HA HA :p