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Licence Test - Is the course necessary?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Krish, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. hi, most places I rang charge in excess of $200 for the licence test.....seems a bit of waste undergoing a 6 hour course given i rode for over 10 years when living in india....
    this opinion is also based on my impression of the learners permit course and how easy i found that....
    I am not being cocky, but i really dont feel the need to be trained to do what the licence test curriculum is....
    are there any places that do just the test at a reasonable price?? or is that the vic roads fees are high which is why these joints charge so much??

  2. I think there are several places offering a test only option... but the P's test is a little tougher than the L's test. What are your skills really like?
  3. hi Rob, the couple of places i called charge $200 for the test only option, whereas the course + test is charged at about $240....so not a big difference....
    I have not ridden on track or anything of that sort, but reckon that I am quite capable of handling a bike in most commuting circumstances....
    The P's test scenarios -> curves, stopping and swerving don't seem like they'd be hard for me to handle....
    increasingly looks like I'm gonna have to cop it and shell out....
  4. I did my licence test out at HART Kilsyth. it was 4 hours including breaks and cost $200. It's worth it to do a bit of the "training" just to get familiar with the bikes and then get the test exercises down pat. Then it's a challenge to see how low you can score lol! (low score = better performance) I got 1's for my cornering, I challenge you to get 0's :p
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    So I understand that you did not use your own bike...why? Wouldn't you have been more comfortable using your own wheels for the test?

    I will put up an update on my scores....my memory depending upon my performance of course ;-)
  6. Not sure if you're allowed to use your own bike or not. When I was looking around, none of them said anything about BYOB. But it's a bit of 50/50 really. Doing it on their bikes I don't need to worry about dropping it, but then as you say, I'm more familiar with my bike and it'd be good to do those exercises in a controlled environment. Then on the third hand, My bike was soooooo much heavier than the VTR250 we used, so the stopping and swerving was super easy on them.
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  7. I did the test on my own bike and the fees was adjusted as such. From memory, I think it was $40-50 less..

    Can't remember much as it was about 2 years ago. :)

    There were only 2 of us taking the test (it was a weekday). But was out in 2 hours.
  8. What did you do about a drivers licence?

    Did you have a licence in India?
  9. God forbid that a rider might learn something that will save their hide ...
  10. cant have that can we babe
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  11. How does that relate to my query on this thread? Sorry I don't see the connection
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    Hmm.... I do seriously hope I'm not sharing the roads with people who need this 'course' to learn how to take a curve or swerve at 25kmph....
    My entire point was that these courses don't seem to provide any training value but are purely aimed towards getting through the test.

    I drove on my international licence for a few years, and then got my Vic Licence. But I certainly didn't take 2 $250 "courses"...
  13. You might be right about some of the courses but all in all you get what you pay for ... pay peanuts, get monkeys.

    All you are required to do is comply with the letter of the law ... how safe you wish to be and how willing you are to learn is your call.
  14. Your point although valid is not relevant to the query I posed. My reference was specifically to the "course" that is offered for the purpose of taking the test to obtain a full motorcycle licence. Or is it that the more expensive training providers will"teach" me more during the same "course"?
  15. Somehow I'm thinking they won't be able to teach you much ... although I am sure the trainers will learn from you =D
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  16. When you rode in India, were you licensed? If so why didn't you get your bike permit when you changed your license over to Aus?

    Even if you want to use our racetracks you have to learn the rules and obtain an AM license before you can.
    Luckily our roads are similar in that regard. Getting your license has very little to do with knowing how to ride. Matter a fact it's means very little and that's why we give them L's and P's and restrict the capacity of their bikes..... cause they are learning how to ride.
    The rules they already have to know.
    And champ if you know all the rules as well as being just like Rossi, well you would be the first one out of the trade that does
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  17. I can sympathise with your situation.

    Back in 1975, when I came to Oz, I went to the RTA of NSW to get my licence transfered.

    At the time, I didn't notice that the RTA had dropped off my bike and HGV (rigid) licences and just gave me a plain car one.

    Fortunately, at that time it was much cheaper to just do the stuff to get an NSW bike licence.

    If I had had to shell out over $200 to get the bike ticket, I'd have probably got on the next plane home.
  18. not sure why some of the folks are hell bent of twisting my query into some kind of declaration on my part that I am Valentino's Indian cousin and a general disdain for all forms of motorcycling training and trainers.... i'm just going to let those through to the keeper...so you folks can build up your post count but i will not be expending any more effort in clarifying what my question was about...particularly because there are some on here that seem to have understood....
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  19. I went through the entire process for my drivers licence too....because the RTO in India could not locate my file and wouldn't issue me the letter required for the transfer....Spent 3 years on P's there...So getting the licence transferred wasn't an option for me
    And now having to go through L's and P's on the bike....which I am in a way thankful for because I only rode a 350CC Royal Enfield back there and seldom got to ride in the kind of conditions that I ride in here.... if not for the LAMS restriction I may have been tempted to go for something more powerful that I have now...