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Licence test in wet weather

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by little_miss_cowgirl, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Hi going for my licence this week and the forcast is for wet weather - seeing that the points lost are relative to the speed travelled through the exercises - was wondering if it was adapted for poor weather conditions at all. Any pointers for a wet weather test would be useful in reducing my apprehension!! Cheers twid

  2. go slower! remember that it will be slippery as all hell out there, so a reduced speed is a good idea
  3. Try not to worry too much about it. I did my licence in torrential rain. The Instructor will not put you in any situation that will put you at any additional risk. They will most likely give extra advice because of the conditions and in the end make you a better wet weather rider.

    Good luck for you test. You'll do fine. :)
  4. You'll be fine.

    I've done a ton of tests in the pouring rain, all without incident. It's not like anyone's really going fast.

    All the best!

  5. Way back when... god i'm only 26!!! :shock: anyhow whn i did mine down in tasmania My provisionaly was in the rain. The instructors were fair but the one thing i can definatley advise is stay focused, be deliberate in what you have to do and dont DONT rush anything.

    Especialy the emergency braking, if you lock up either wheel you will skid well beyond their markers. Most of the other test iin the M.O.S.T arent affected by the rain too much just the emergency braking...

    In anycase you will be fine!!!! and we will see you out on the roads really soon.
  6. I did my test in the wet and the instructor said that it wont make much of a difference under 30kph. When I did mine its didnt really matter as ur not going fast...
  7. Thanks for the input - true it is good to do my licence in the wet with the added benefit of some expert advice on the day! Melbourne isnt exactly a day at the beach for most of the year so undoubtedly I'll be riding on lots of wet days anyway. cheers
  8. wet weather will make no difference to the course you'll be doing.