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Licence Suspension Question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SAMB, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I got done by the camo cops on the Spur back in early January. 31 over = 4 points, $387 fine, automatic one month suspension. The 4 points also put me up to 14 points so after my one month suspension I'll probably get hit with the additional 3 months. Sucks. Stupid road laws aside, I was aware of them and I fcuked up.

    The initial infringement notice that was issued to me was withdrawn because the officer neglected to put the date on there. A new infringement notice was subsequently issued with the date. I have until March 7th to pay this fine. My suspension started this past Friday. I have yet to pay the fine.

    Now where it gets interesting is I was riding a friend's bike yesterday (not registered to me) and got pulled over for a random licence check. I thought I was fooked. The officer took my licence, checked it in his car and came back with "everything checks out. Safe riding out there."

    WTF? How? Is it because I haven't yet paid the fine? I know normally the due date of the fine comes before the actual suspension comes into effect. It didn't this time due to the withdrawn one. Anyone?
  2. Sorry to hear.

    Exactly, only by paying do you admit guilt.

    FYI, you can get 3 x 28 day extension to pay, then another 2 weeks, then you can elect to go on a payment plan ;)

    Just make sure you get through to a person & not the automated system.
  3. Pay the fine and get off the road :p
  4. MV - Thanks for the info. I have 7 points drop off my "record" in May which means that if I were to delay paying by getting extensions I could technically avoid the 3 month suspension? Is that right? And even though my licence is currently suspended are you saying that because I haven't paid the fine that VicPol can't see that it's suspended? How do you know this?
  5. AFAIK If you havent paid it, you havent admitted guilt, you arent susspended yet, you'll get court details sent to you shortly.. At least thats how I understand it
  6. I suggest you read the above post from me.
  7. IIRC, the original date will stand, so you can't put off losing it that way, no. But you can make it hard for them to get your money & time when you will lose you license, to a degree. If you want to get it over with, pay the fine now.

    It's not suspended yet, because you haven't admitted guilt by paying the fine (or arranging a payment plan)

    How do I know this? Er... experience.
  8. Your suspension comes into effect on the 29th day after the date the offence occurred.

    The ticket being reissued has no effect on the date of the offence, just the date the fine needs to be paid on.
  9. Incorrect. I received a cover letter with my new infringement notice stating that my one month suspension will commence 28 days after the date of the new infringement notice. It also pushed the due date back for payment of the fine.

    And MV - I just remembered that when I went into VicRoads a little while ago and spoke to the little man behind the counter he informed me that if I were to contest the offence and took it to court and got found guilty, that if I had points drop off my record during that wait for a court appearance, then it wouldn't "backdate" it to my record. If that makes sense...
    He did however say that if I were to try it and got found guilty (which I would have) and if the judge caught on to what I was doing he could slap me with a huge fine and take my licence on the spot.

    So many contradictions from so many different sources it's hard to find out what the deal is.
  10. And this is why they say to seek independent legal advice
  11. Forgive me if I'm wrong but Your suspension comes into effect on the 29th day after the date written on the ticket ie the issue date. So from the OP he may not be suspended as he had a ticket reissued and therefore the suspension date would be 29 days from the reissued date on the ticket.
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  12. And VicRds backdate your points to the date of offence even if you try and drag it out. So even if you have points drop off you will still loose your licence.
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  13. What if he get's an extension? Or 3?
  14. If you get 12 points in any 3 year period, you will automatically get a letter outlining your options - to which you must answer.

    Even if you manage to delay the levelling of the points for years, if the system detects 12 points in any 3 year period in the past and there's no corresponding record of an options letter and your choice having been recorded, you will automatically get the letter.
  15. I was referring to the Police Officer reissuing the ticket, but think if the OP was to ask for an extension from civic Compliance it would be for payment only not the suspension. But if the OP asked Civic Compliance for a review of the ticket (but the suspension will still catch up to the OP eventually), then that might be a different matter and may give the OP extra time on the road .
  16. In my experience, if you ask for an extension (or 3 ;)) it will also push back the start date of the suspension.

    As soon as you pay it or arrange a payment plan, then the wheels start turning.
  17. Spoke to VicRoads and VicPol today. Yep. I'm fcuked. Just gonna pay the fine and get it over with.
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