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Licence Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by richard8311, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    A great forum, informative site. I have few doubts, hopefully anyone can advise.

    I have been in Sydney for 4 months under temporary working visa. I have my country licence (Malaysia) for both motorbike and car.

    I wish to go for superbike here in Australia but ...

    1. My motorbike licence has its category which is B2, allow only 250 cc and less. I have been riding motorbike for 6 yrs. So, if I would like to go for say 1000cc big bike, do i still need to take motorbike test and so on.

    As i understood, i am under temporary resident and not required to convert my licence but my bike licence is under 250cc.

    2. And as i know, RTA doesnt allow me to hold NSW licence and my country licence at the same time. And if i go for motorbike licence, i need to give up my country licence which has car licence on it. And I need to take another car licence tests. I do wan to drive car occassionally and I love bike a lot and wish to spend my 4 years here with bike and unwilling to go for so many stages.

    Please advise anyway i can do. Thanks in advance.

  2. Selamat datang

    But I'm sorry, I do not have the answer.
  3. The RTA can issue licenses that are 'equivalent' in their eyes to what you currently have.

    So: they may give you a full car license, but make your license conditions for a motorcycle "Provisional" which means you would still be restricted to 250cc for a year, but after that you'll have a full license.

    In many cases you'll have to at least do the P's riding competency test. The only concession you're likely to get is that there's no waiting or Learning period.

    Best thing is to go and ask the RTA.
    They'll explain how much credit they give your current license and what they're happy to issue you with here: they won't take your license and chop it up just for asking, and they'll probably explain the best way to get to an unrestricted license as quickly as possible when you want to do it.

    Good luck!
  4. If you are in NSW and are over 30yrs old then you will go straight to unrestricted rider licence. Gotta love 'mature age' rider.
  5. I just phoned the RTA, i need to take both motorbike and car test. But i will get full licence for both when i passed the test.

    No other way.

    Anyway, thanks guys.

  6. Seems reasonable, g'day and watch out for those Sydney drivers. :wink: