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licence question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by timmyzzr250, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ok i grew up in the bush and have rode trailbikes since i was about 6 but have never had a licence or owned a road bike! so as you can imagine
    when a zzr250 with spares bike came up for sale very cheap i jumped on
    it! so now i have my bike just need a RWC (anyone know where in epping area?) but i also need to get my L's

    so here is my questions

  2. Here's your answer for your licencing http://rta.nsw.gov.au/

    And for your RWC call up your local mechanic and ask them if they can do one. If tehy can't just call the next mechanic on your list.
  3. Epping.....in which State? :?
  4. It requires you do a basic riding skills course.
    It is run over 2 half days. From memory it was like $80 or something.
    Then you need to go do a computer based knowledge test, assuming you pass you then pay a licence fee and off you go.

    Good choice with the ZZR :grin:
  5. id say Victoria, cause us Sydney siders call it pink slip, he said RWC, so thats my guess
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  7. +1 :grin:

    I recommend Armstrong's Rider Training, located on Settlement Road, Thomastown. They have a 6hr and 9hr learners course, you'll prolly only need the 6 hour course providing you can find the indicators and can use a clutch. The cost is $235. The permit is valid for 15 months. There is both a written and practical test, so either buy or download the motorcycle learners manual from VicRoads and read it front to back 2-3 times. Easy done!
  8. however its no longer a pink slip anymore, its white now, guess they ran out of pink ink
  9. +1 for Armstrong's in Thomastown.

    Did my L's and P's there, thought they where great. They do like to boast a little about how they teach you things in the L's test that other people companies don't such as counter steering.
  10. yeah in in epping in victoria

    and i will look into armstrongs there just up the road thanks for the info