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licence practice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by GoTeam, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I remember reading a little while ago that there are places / car parks around Sydney where people have marked the lines for doing the licence test practice. Does anyone know of anywhere similar, other than the testing places, in Melbourne? I'm booked in for 21 March and wouldn't mind having a go beforehand and working on skills.

  2. us blokes in sydney are organised mate :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. fair call.. you guys need all the help you can get :p
  4. On a slightly more serious note.. (only slightly)

    Just practice your riding generally, practice your e-brake's a lot.. I'd highly recommend on a wet day going to a car park or similar and getting to know your bike and how it reacts in the wet.

    Also one thing, practice bringing your bike from a stop to the 20-25k's an hour and holding the speed steady.. then practice your stops/ swerving etc

    The test is nothing to sweat over, if your fine riding around town... you'll be right.

    if you don't know what the test is this is a nice little page with a flash demo

  5. G, If he takes your advice he will FAIL !!!
  6. G, If he takes your advice he will FAIL !!!
  7. lol.. saw that coming ! haha..
    nah Nearly a perfect score for me in that test, its really easy !

  8. I didn't have a problem with the Ls test but haven't done swerving, except for once where I used my knees to swerve/steer because I had to take evasive action. Stupid/careless me for getting myself into that situation. Swerving is the only thing I have some "problem" with and, in particular, if its wet on the day. I'm sure we'll practice it during the day like you do with everything for the Ls test. I think I'll just ride around more.

    I think I need someone (who also has the standard crappy 250 tyres) to show me what is still safe in terms of how much you can swerve / tip it over in the wet (for a given speed and on an "average" road surface).
  9. The OBSTACLE TURN test only requires you to be traveling a 20-25K before you have to avoid the obsticle. So its not htat fast.

    The advice I was given is find a quiet battleaxe street and mark out the track with foam cup or alike and practice it over and over.

    Here is a link to some NSW test info which I found help full.

    When are you going for the MOST test ?
  10. Wow... triple post :oops: :oops: :( :(
  11. Double Post :oops: :(
  12. I ride to work in the city everyday, and found that with that, and the days practise you get there its plenty.

    The test in VIC is a snack compared to the one in NSW (from what i've seen anyway) All you'll have to do is a left corner, a right corner, then you ride at a light at 20-25kmh and swerve or stop depending on which light flashes.

    The swerve doesnt have to be an epic swerve, just enough to avoide the light box would be sufficient as you get 40 points to lose for the test.


  13. I don't quite agree with you, Dodd ...

    Being in Vic, you would know that there are measurement increments along the "swerve" line, and similarly for the "e-stop" line

    The distance you take to stop, and also the depth of swerve is judged and given points lost according to the increments
    eg. shallow swerve ("just enough to avoid the light box") can gain you max points for that exercise! Sure there are 40 points "to lose" (??? ... not the attitude I took!) but stuff a few things up with a "she'll be right" attitude and you're quickly up there with few points to spare :shock:

    Lost three points on first e-stop, zero the next, left swerve two points, zero points right swerve ...

    Point made here is, better to KNOW HOW TO make an "epic swerve" to not only pass that portion of the test well, but also for your own future safety :)

    The curves however (supposedly representing road corners or r'abouts) are surprisingly technical, and where I lost 6 points for the left, three for the right ... yet my swerves were great? Go figure :roll:

    To the OP: compared to NSW, yes the Vic test is a snack BUT! do the best you can, listen carefully to what is asked of you, and if there's a call for who wants to do the test first, put your hand up: it means you don't sit there waiting for your turn to work up a bunch of unnecessary nerves :eek:hno:

    I agree with Dodd: if you're a regular rider (2-3 rides a week or more), you'll be fine ... but don't get cocky :wink:
  14. The right/left curve sections aren't too bad, but the emergency brake/maneuver can get to people's nerves.

    Two big tips I can give you for that section:

    1. Practice emergency braking and countersteering at about 20-25km. For countersteers, turn your head ALL the way right/left as you push the handlebar in the direction you want to go (You'll go where you look). It's amazing how much people don't do that.

    2. And #1 reason why people fail -- anticipating the lights. People start to swerve one way, the brake lights go on, then you panic, grabbing the brakes while leaned over, and end up crashing. I see it happen all the time.

    Overall, I think the exam is probably easier than the permit (certainly shorter), but practice can never hurt.
  15. +1. have seen a few crashes from people trying to guess the lights.
    just relax and know there's plenty of time. :)
  16. Could someone validate the stopping distances quoted in the link is correct? A maximum distance of 2.8 metres at 20km seems a lot. I suppose that is 8 points already though.

    I keep thinking you need to emergency stop on a dime...

  17. This is true. Preparing yourself for the real world, and actually knowing how to swerve is a much better option that just avoiding the light box.

    I guess my post was supposed to instill a little confidence as opposed to under prepare the OP... however, it did come across a little blaise (spelling?)

    As long as you dont get to nervous, take it as it comes and as someone has mentioned in this thread, dont anticipate the lights, you should be able to get the required training on the day.

    I found the training on the day to be alot more practical than designed to pass the test... was a good day!
  18. It was pretty easy. I lost 8 points in the end. 5 points was due to partially mucking up an emergency stop. I have no idea why I started turning a little while braking. I wasn't trying to anticipate the lights. Emergency stops were what I was doing pretty well when practicing - stopping pretty quickly with an unintentional stoppie. Swerving for the test was easy - just turn your head a long way. Basically, if you can ride normally on the road you'll get your licence. The hardest part of the day was dealing with how hot it was when stationary. Thanks goes out to Mars and Andi at HART Kilsyth for making it a good day.
  19. Also be prepared for rain this coming winter! Dress up kids, there's nothing worse than trying to focus while feeling like a soggy sandwich. Don't forget your hands and feet. You're doing low speed stuff so you will want to keep em dry so you don't lose feeling. Rjays have a waterproof glove for like 60 bucks and if you can't afford waterproof boots get the rubber overboot thingy's, they will keep you very dry and they won't slip around too much if you slip em onto a dry boot or put those big rubber bands over your shoes before you put the overboot on.
  20. All the info is there, set it up yourself.

    I set one up myself in a local tennis court.