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Licence plate (NSW)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by haggis, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. I went to wash my bike today, no licence plate or rego sticker. Damn things were there yesterday. Now I can't say if they were stolen or fell off but there were no nuts and bolts on the rear flap. I reported it to the police, problem is I have the bike booked in to be serviced on Tuesday. The constable I spoke to over the phone told me I would be ok to ride it to the garage and pick it up next day. Should I cancel the booking or go ahead? I'm on P's and don't want any strife with the law.

  2. if i were you i'd be getting something in writing from the constable you spoke to before you ride it to the garage...
  3. I'D chance it, but I'd hate to recommend that you do it, because sod's law says you'll get nailed, Dennis. I honestly don't know what to suggest, cos if the bike needs servicing, it needs servicing.
  4. Ive heard from cops that they will let it slide up to 9:30 when RTA opens, after that they will book you.

    However the cop might be a real prick and fine you, so its a risk.

    If the workshop sells bikes too they might have a dealers plate they can lend you to get it there?

    A new plate is about $35 from RTA, it will be a different number so you will need to update the details with insurance and stuff. You will need the rego papers.
    When you get the new plate use locktite on the screws or it will fall off again.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm going to ring the mechanic tomorrow to see if I can change the date. The baby can wait for a few days, any idea how long it takes to get new plates? I'll be at the RTA after work tomorrow
  6. If getting a new random plate from the pile it just takes 2 minutes once you get to the counter.
    The time it takes to get served could be 1 to 30 minutes depending on how busy it is. Try to get out of work at a time that will avoid the rush.

    If its a custom plate it might take a week or more.
  7. i have the rego sticker in a plastic holder and cable tied to the frame.. is this illegal?, does it have to be on the back next to the plate..i have not really thought about it till now..its been like that for ages and never pulled over. :)
  8. depends what state you're in... according to the powers that be, in NSW it must be affixed to the back of the bike however in VIC you can have it on the swingarm :?

    i'm in NSW and have it on my swingarm and nothing has ever been said when i've been pulled over - i mean there's only so much room on the back of a two-fiddy - the number plate, P plate and reflector tend to use all the available room...
  9. Glad to say I was in and out in 8 minutes! All taken care of.