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Licence Plate Light doesnt Light up GPX250 [RESOLVED]

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Lobsta, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Did a complete fairing strip down and clean the other day, which involved disconnecting a few lights, and when i was putting things back together, i noticed that the licence plate light didnt work. But, im not sure that it worked before i took all the fairings off and put them back, i had never looked.

    The connection to the light is a simple click together one, so im sure that is connecting right. I pulled the light off today the the bulb filament is intact. the wires look fairly well attached to the bulb holder, all the fuses at the fuse box are fine. all the other lights in the tail section still work, i.e. both indicators, both intensities of tail light. using my rudimentary understanding of wiring diagrams (read: sweet f_ _ _ all), it looks like all the lights back there share a common wire pretty early in the piece, so if all the other ones work, then the problem must be later... right?

    here is a link to the wiring diagram, the image is too big to put on the forum. only 1.58mb, but really big in dimensions. the licence light is on the far right, half was up, just under the fold line


    I dont have a multimeter, and hopefully dont have to buy one. any ideas?


  2. Buy a multimeter, you won't regret it.

    OR: A test light, see if you have power at the globe socket, if not, trace the wires back till you have power.

    If you had a multimeter, you could do a continuity test on the globe to make sure it actually was ok, they can look fine, but be rooted. Alternatively, replace the globe, cheaper than a multimeter (but you might still have a problem!)

  3. link didnt work.. can remember if there is a separate ground on the tail light. ill have a look when i get home. could be that. is everything back in the exact place from when you removed it.. only a few plugs back there to remove as far as the lights go.
  4. soory lobby. didnt get home till late last night.. it can only be either
    now that i got the duagram to work it is also connected to the IC, starter relay and both brake switches.. yeah mate. get a multimeter and check each wire.. if you have trouble reading the wires off the diagram ive pmd my mobile so you can call and i can explain.
  5. bought a multimeter, bulb was cactus, all fixeded.

  6. and i spent valuable work time looking at that diagram...jezus :butt:
  7. Is it just me that gets a hotlink protected image when I click on that link?

    I know it's solved but I was curious.
  8. me too.. not a live link. need to cut and paste..
  9. yeah, it worked for a while after i posted it. anyway, its ALL GOOOOOOOD!