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QLD Licence Law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. (I've e-mailed this to Queensland Transport, but I have a hunch I'll get a quicker answer from Netriders... ;))

    I think I have pretty decent reading comprehension (I have a PhD!), but I chased the links around the Queensland Transport site for several pages and couldn't quite get this one straight in my head.

    I have an open car license and an open Class R motorcycle license. My wife has an open car license, and wants to learn to ride on my 250 cc bike. Does she need to specially apply for a learner's license, or does learning to ride a bike fall under the same category as 'next higher class of license'?

    As I understand it, she can start learning straight away if she displays an L plate on the bike. Is that correct?

  2. I doubt it , she will probably have to do the motorcycle questions at least , thats what I had to do but that was a few yearsa ago now but there not hard
  3. yeah dude she needs to get her bike licence.

    it's 5 multiple choice questions and takes all of 30 seconds to ace.

    Just hassle dealing with Queensland Transport and their crappy service. :(
  4. Thanx both of you. I'll report back with their response too, but what you said makes sense. We have the book here, so I'll get her to start studying then go in. We actually struck a very nice and very helpful person last time, so fingers crossed.
  5. I'm guessing it wasn't awarded for punctuation.

  6. No worries bravus! Good luck to her, and you and your wonderful biking adventures together :)
  7. Transport's response:

    "A motorcycle does not fall under the category of learning to drive a higher class of vehicle and a Learners Licence must be obtained before learning to ride a motorcycle."

    You guys were spot on (naturally).

    Thanks count... in part it's a Cunning Plan to have her fall in love with riding and the Spada so I can magnamimously give it to her and get an SV 650. ;)