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Licence help in VIC with point and UK licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scubadriver, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I have a uk driving licence and a 457 4 year temp visa. I have managed to rack up 3 speeding and 1 traffic light violation in the 6 months i have been here (12 dp's i think) before realising i cant speed anymore (eventually ha). Is it true they cant do anything about the DP's as i have a uk licence, so i just pay the fine right?
    The thing is i now want to get my learners bike permit and I think I have to get my uk drivers licence changed to a victorian one. Vicroads wouldnt give me a definate answer on this but said the points will prob go on to my victorian licence if i change it over. Does anyone know this for sure, or infact if i have to change my uk licence over even if i get a motorbike licence from the beginning and do the whole test? I obviously cant change it over if this is the case as i would get banned straight away ha.


  2. i dont know about getting a vic liscence. your best bet would be to get a motorcycle liscence from the uk if possible. makes it a lot more easier and you get a lot more freedom knowing you wont lose your liscence
  3. The points follow you onto the licence. Also, if you got suspended here on your UK licence, you would not be allowed to drive in Victoria till the suspension was lifted.
  4. the points count against your licence in Victoria. If your suspended from driving in Vic(either through going to fast/etc,Or accumulating more than the requisite Demerit points in the normal period) It does not effect your ability to drive in other states, atm. One of my Fijian employees is in this boat.
    He can go to sydney and drive, but not in VIC for a month as he waits out his 30 over suspension. They can opt to have you barred from driving in AU, but I do not know how they would go about it.
  5. Day, do you mean the point go onto a victorian or my uk licence?
    I almost did my bike test in the uk just before i left. got a ZX6R which i had for a month intending to do my test, but then i sold it and never bothered.
  6. The points follow you onto your Victorian Licence.
  7. I had the exact same scenario as you.
    If you are happy to stick with the learners permit , you'll be fine.

    Did my learners permit no problem , Vic Roads eventually sent out the permit to me. All good I thought.

    Did my licence test two weeks ago and they said they couldnt issue me the licence because of the uk thing and advised me to talk to Vic Roads.

    I spoke to Vic Roads at length on the phone and the best they could tell me was that they will not allow anyone to have 2 seperate licences. I told her of my reluctance to give up my UK licence as she told me they take it from you and destroy it. That little pink card has been like Batfinks wings to me over the last few years and sometimes its like kryptonite to some of Victorias more draconian law enforcers. I am not letting it go.

    She then said to go to a Vic Roads office with all my paperwork and explain the situation but its very likely they will say the same thing.
    The uncertainty that surrounds it is untrue , I feel like the only person to ever be in that position.

    The only way around it I can see is to get a full Victorian licence but I dont think I could handle the smugness of the guy handing it over to me with his left hand then taking back with his right. For a year....
    I'd probably end up shooting him dead then killing everyone else in the building before turning the gun on myself.

    I think I will end up applying for a new UK one , you can do it from here for 20 quid.

    Then hand my old one in and still drive / ride around on my new UK one and just hope they wont catch on (which to be honest , they wont).

    Another option would be to try and tell the DVLA that I need motorcycle accreditation added to my existing licence but I doubt that could be done without a Vic Licence to prove it....Which I wont get because me and everyone else in that building will be dead.

    Im very close to just ignoring the licencing requirments all together to be honest , flogging my bike and buying an R6.

    May aswell be hung for a sheep than a lamb....

    Good luck with it , let me know how you get on.
  8. thanks sly, yeah the pink card is the one to have!
    So youre saying i can go and get my learners permit and not swap it over if i stay on that? Did you get any speeding fines on your learners?
    When you went to do the learners permit, did they ask you what licence you had before giving it you?
  9. Yeah , you'll get your learners permit no problem , effectively giving you two separate licences. Which is what I did.

    Problem is you cant stay on the learners forever or upgrade to a bigger bike but at least if the rozzers pull you over you can flash them the permit and it will be all good.

    You can still sit the test for the licence and pass it. The test centre will still give you the paperwork to say you have passed. Im just riding around with that in my pocket at the moment. My learner permit took 8 weeks to come in the post once I did it and I only passed the licence test 2 weeks ago so if I get pulled in the next month or two I'll just feign ignorance and say Im waiting for it to arrive.
    Not quite sure what I'll do after that time is up.

    Ive behaved myself of late and havent had a ticket for over a year and only got my learner permit in Feb , you can call an automated number at vic roads and check the status of your DP's. I did that with my learner number and its clean :grin: .

    When I did the LP I showed them my UK licence and went from there.

    You could try telling the riding school you dont have any licence at all and starting from scratch , effectively making you two different people. Kind of like Howard Marks but without having to import hundreds of tonnes of ganja , fight RICO charges or get a lengthy prison stretch , obviously.

    If I was to do it all again I think I'd be going down that route although I havent looked at the connotations of effectively being a road novice. You might want to check that out first and if they do put two and two together , saying "It wasnt me" to them over and over again WILL work. I fooled civic compliance with this method over an unpaid ticket I got in Brisbane. Having four addresses in the last 18 months has helped fox them too.

    Vic Roads are not very smart. You just have to look at the ambiguity of their website information to figure that out.

    Its a pain and its certainly not 100% legal but , like you , I got all my points in my first few months of living here. Its pretty hard adjusting to the harshness of the speeding penalties and the different driving style of Victoria. Cops hide in bushes , behind bridges , in unmarked cars and everything here. They just cant do that in England!!
  10. I was under the impression the L Permit lasts for 15 months before it expires, you can renew it, but they do not send a reminder. This is what they told me november 2007 @ hart. You get 3 DP IIRC, though a quick check of vicroads webby will tell you better.
  11. I'd say you don't tell them you have a license. Easy!
  12. My French friend just did her Motorbike Learners, she currently had a French car license.

    Basically getting the L's gives you a permit. She is now liable to go for her Motorbike P's.

    She got her French license converted to a Vic one just so that she wouldn't be on her motorbike P's but on her fulls (but still restricted for one year).

    She still has her French license so I would be inclined to stay they shouldn't destroy your other license. (the french license lasts forever once you get it (no renewals) so that might have had something to do with it.)

    If she hadn't converted her license she would be going through the motorbike p for the full 3 (or 4) years.
  13. Hi,

    so are you saying that if you are on a 457 Visa and at some point have to get a victorian license (which you have to do 3 months after you get permanent residency) the thing to do is get a duplicate UK license and even though you then would have a victorian license you would give your UK license details for any speeding infringements etc to avoid the accumulation of points on your victorian license?