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N/A | National Licence & Helmet check AS1698

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. From reading reports it seems that the standard deal is that if you go for a ride in victoria you will be pulled over for rbt and licence check plus some viral brainwashing.

    Of those times pulled over, how often is the standards sticker on your helmet checked?
  2. I've had a few license checks in my first year of riding and never once did they check the helmet...
  3. Why do you ask?
  4. just to gauge probability of getting pulled up with it if I ever do decide to source a helmet from elsewhere. In my mind it was already rather low and checking if that matches up with other people's experience.
  5. I had a cop check the label in my helmet once. Wasn't in a group, I was by myself. I thought he'd do me for covering up the rear reflector with my L plate but he didn't notice.

    So that'd be one time out of the 3 that I've been RBT'd or stopped that it was checked and I don't think he looked at the sticker, just the sewn in label.
  6. If the helmet has a sticker they're usually very easy to see and a check wouldn't be obvious.
  7. Its not the police you should concern yourself with for the sticker

    its TAC and insurance companies if you have an accident and hurt yourself

    You could be giving them an easy out from covering you for injuries
  8. Umm you are in Sydney. Stats from Victorians are next to useless as their cops are way more aggressive.

    Personally I agree with Tak worry about the insurers. Although maybe you won't care and its your parents/partner that will have the financial issue.
  9. Nicely said VerC

    is it worth a $200 gamble ?

    Having said all this though I am guilty of NOT having a sticker on my own helmet - by the regulations it doesn't need an external one just an internal one showing compliance with AS1698

    I dont have the external one as I am interested to see what would happen if I am pulled over for it

    will the police check inside etc or just issue me with a ticket ?
    If they give me a ticket I will smile say thank you and rip them a new one in court when I put my "manufacturers" hat on ( by law a importer is deemed to be the manufacturer as such they must view the importer as an expert witness in a court)
  10. I couldn't remember how many times I've been pulled over "at random", but I've never knowingly been checked.

    What's wrong with the helmets we have over here??
  11. They cost slightly more than getting one sent from overseas ( sometimes ) or there are models of helmet we can not get here that he would like to own and use
  12. From my looking they are only about $100 dearer than overseas, maybe.

    The fine is 3 points and $265

    So if you don't get pulled over once every 3 years and get done then you are in front financially, you will still lose 3 points (6 on double demerits). That is before the insurance issue.

    Its all too much of a gamble. If you want to ride with another helmet get the law changed.
  13. Been there and done that with a guy I worked with - The cops persisted with it right despite a letter from VicRoads which stated that it didn't need the external label - just the sewn-in one. (I'll find the letter and post it up)

    They pulled it only at the last minute.
  14. Letter found...

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  15. Have seen one solo check a mate's helmet because the sticker/label was on the inside. Probably because they can easily see the external ones. IMO, if it's not in plain view they will start asking questions.
  16. Well spotted and well said Vert.

    Lilley considering the Vic cops read the forums everyday we really appreciate you giving them more ammunition to be aggressive with.

    Well done.
  17. Drinks are on me when we meet soldier.
  18. I remember reading that if you have the sticker already it's illegal to remove it. Is there any truth to this or are we right to take them off?
  19. Didn't someone just win a court case against vic roads because their helmet had a label on the inside instead of external and they were fined for it?
  20. Is it really worth the risk of the TAC/ Insurer telling your family that they are not going to get enough money to take care of you because they claim that you weren't wearing an approved helmet?

    In your vegetable state you are not going to be able to argue that "the requirement is only that the label is on the inside.".

    Are people that vain on looks to risk it. You might get off a fine but that is not the issue.