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Licence given after learner test?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greydog, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Was riding with someone today - not a Netrider - a stranger to me, but he had an L plate on. Examination of his licence revealed he's got a full, albeit restricted licence, not a learner permit.

    He swears he hasn't done a licence test, only a learner test. We described both tests, and he confirmed the learner test only.

    He didn't realise anything was wrong until we told him.

    How can this happen? Has Vicroads screwed up, or has his tester? Do you think Vicroads records would show a full licence too?

    ETA: And what would happen if the po pulled him over and did a licence check?
  2. Somebody probably checked the wrong box and no one noticed or entered into the computer wrong.

    Vicroads screwed my car rego around years ago. They're pretty useless.
  3. they're a bunch of ****ing retards, truth be told.
  4. I didn't even have 'Must wear contacts/prescription lenses' for years despite being in the photo with them on. Funnily enough they only noticed when I was wearing contacts and went for a renewal. Useless
  5. off topic but why did you write ETA at the end there? ETA being Estimated Time of Arrival...
  6. It also is a common abbreviation for Edited To Add

    He needs to resolve it with Vicroads, he is obliged whether a mistake has been made with the paperwork or not to comply with Learner restrictions. As they say "Ignorance of the Law is no excuse"
  7. Yes, he needs to resolve it. I just thought it was very odd.

    Then again....
  8. When I transferred my ACT lic to VIC they put P2 restriction on mine. I did not notice till it was due for renewal when I asked what does P2 mean? man I was lucky not to get pulled over byu the police it would of been a good battle to defend that I been on a fu LIC for 26+ yrs.
  9. Ah my bad, never heard that one before
  10. did he have an international licence previously ?

    they are treated differently to a Victorian licence.
  11. Dropkicks sent me a replacement drivers license instead of my plastic learners (which im still waiting for) Maybe they have gone the way of so many other companies and outsourced their IT to India or some such?
  12. Not that I'm aware of. He's only been riding a few months, and he did his learner's test in VIC.
  13. I have my paper copy of my learner permit here (no idea why!) & the options are probationary or full, full has been ticked. I remember asking one of the HART instructors about it & it was right, but I can't recall the reason...
  14. Use to be that if you had held an open car for three years or were over the age of 26 you could go strait to an open bike here in qld. Like boys ever grow up :)
    I would have it checked and corrected if I was him.
    Dept of transport are never wrong and will always blame you.
    And in the end they are meant to do a balance and check.And if he misses step two when going for step three or four they will just pull him back and blame him.
    I reckon about 1 in 5 who come from overseas don't get their bike or marine license moved over when they do their car. And they are so nervous about passing when they go they don't ever check.
    And the transport department makes them do it all again. Even though it was on their O/S license.
    Always a good one to check if you have friends coming over.
  15. Because you had your full car license?
  16. No, there's a seperate section for car & full is ticked there too. I can't remember for the life of me the explanation.