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Licence couse booked - practice begins

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by I'm Simon, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Well...I have booked my licence course / test at Stay Upright in Hoppers Crossing (same place I did my Ls) for late February. I will be getting as much practice in as I can over the next couple of weeks.

    The test itself, I am pretty sure it involves emergency stopping, countersteering and cornering ? Anyone want to fill in the blanks and give advice on any specific things that I should be concentrating on ?

  2. If this is for your P's then practise the U turn, the cone weave and...erm..thats it, Everything else is easy you could do it blind folded
  3. I just completed my Ps test so I can offer fresh memories of what helped and what didn't.

    Practise the cone weave by going to a car park and weaving between the tips of the white lines. This is much tighter than the test's cone weave so if you can do this you'll have no trouble on the test. You'll need to pull in the clutch slightly and apply a little throttle so you're constantly slipping, then feather the rear brake to control speed. You need to go as slow as possible without falling over. If you feel the bike tipping into the corner then release the rear brake and your bike will accelerate and pick itself up. Keep practising until you're weaving with confidence at low speed.

    To do the U-turn once again use a slipping clutch and slow yourself right down with the rear brake. Then when you want to do the u-turn you look right around, let go of the rear brake, push hard on the right to initiate a countersteer, then let the bike sweep around the corner. If you feel the bike tipping into the corner then let the clutch out a bit to accelerate. Keep your eyes on where you want to go and when your head is facing in the right direction again, rebalance your bike upright and away you go.

    The tight turns and the obstacle avoidance are all about countersteering, so practise that technique heaps.

    Don't look at the ground or the cones when turning; it doesn't help and it ruins your sense of balance.

    Don't setup cones when you're practising because you'll just hit them and waste time setting them back up.

    After 30 minutes of practise go for a bit of a ride. It clears the mind and gives your clutch a chance to cool down :)
  4. Vic P test consists of a curve at a little more speed than the L curves. Your time through this curve determines the 'random' order of lights you will get at 4 passes of a light box.

    This is a reaction test. You will approach the light box at 25 kph (or thereabouts) and you will eventually get 2 emergency stops, 1 left 'swerve' and 1 right 'swerve' command from the lights as you approach. You should not try and guess which ones you will receive for the first 2, the last will be obvious.

    You will lose some points if you take the fast curve too slow, you may lose some points if you don't stop within the target distance, you may lose some points if you don't swerve far enough from the centre. None of these are likely to take you over the points threshold.

    What you can break the bank on though is doing the wrong thing (eg stopping when you should swerve). The key is not to anticipate - you will get plenty of practice.

    All the best!
  5. I`m going 4 my open at the moment but need to cut a couple of seconds off the figure 8 plus practice right hand turning...still going a bit wide
  6. Victorian P's test is different to everywhere else. As nathanh said we do not have a U turn or cone weave. I am going for my P's on Monday and am worried about swerving to the right instead of the left etc
  7. u mean counter steering nightgash?
  8. Hopper, apart from obvious "practice" tip, here's some others that you might find useful:

    When doing the emergency brake & counter steering parts of the test, position the bike along the guttering just in front of the double gate so you get a better run up & can steady the speed before the signal box activates. On the approach, dont ride over the lines of the slow ride box or for the measuring grid / less traction, so keep either to the left or right of them.

    Also with the sweeper bends, set focus to a tree /shrub along the fence line as your exit point & dont take your eyes off it !! Start wide & turn/dip in tight at the apex point, so you then exit on a tighter radius & you stay within the lines also shaving time & penalty points.

    If you can, drop into the site before the day & walk through the areas that are marked so you get a feel for what you're to do so you can practice in a carpark or similar. If not, they will give you some run throughs and practice before testing anyway.

  9. Relax, keep riding your bike, turn up on the day, pay attention to the expert instructor and manage to complete the practice sessions and you'll have no trouble with passing the test which is easier than the practice sessions.

  10. :WStupid:
    Just relax and don't fall off as thats an automatic failure. If you make a wrong decision eg brake when you should swerve don't correct but just wear the points penalty. They have a points system and you can stuff a fair bit up before you fail. I think the only test where you can lose a lot of points is the braking where the points depend on how long it takes to stop.
  11. As the above poster mentioned, don't try and predict the lights. A girl thought she was going to get a left light, started steering to the left and then found it was the red middle light. She grabbed a handful of front brake and the front wheel slid out and she came off. You have plenty of time to react, just make sure you don't do anything until the light comes on.
  12. What everyone else from Vic has said. The anticipation is the killer on the Countersteer stop exercise. If i remember rightly it is always 2 stops and one left and one right steer. Good Luck