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Licence Course Booked, Nov 30

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jaws, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Well after 4 months, a few group rides
    (including scheff’s now infamous spurs ride),
    And several Thursday night mystery rides.
    (I also survived the "short" Mystery ride where groups got lost!)

    I have book into HART for my licence on Nov 30.

    At this stage, I am nervous and excited.

    So here’s hoping that there will be no “L” on the ZZR for Next Thursday’s ride.
  2. Was going to say "Good luck!" ... but it doesnt have much to do with it.

    Practice! :grin:
    Hope you're not too nervous on the day to unleash teh skillz!
  3. Can't wish you luck after Ktulu's post. So you will do fine.
  4. Thanks Guys,
    7 more sleeps! :dance:

    I don't get this excited at X'mas!

    Last ride tonight before i goto HART.
  5. did mine a few weeks back. just relax and don't fall off. apparently most people who fail do so by braking on the swerve and coming off. you have a lot of points to play with and don't have to be even close to perfect to get through so have fun.
  6. Mate, i far as i'm concerned, you've already got your licence,
    they just need to hand it over. :LOL:
    Kick Ass Baby

    I look forward to your post tomorrow.

  7. If I could pass the test mate you got nothing to worry about.

    Remember just don't anticipate the lights.
  8. Woot, have a fun and good luck ;)

    I got mine a couple of monts back. I know how exciting it can be hehe.
  9. Well, I did it!

    And I PASSED!
    :dance: :woot: :beer: :beer: \:D/

    I don't think there is enough smilies to show how i'm feeling.

    Scored 24 out of 40.
    And for those in Vic, that's an easy pass.

    It wasn't the best score of the group (bugger got 21) but it wasn't the worst.
    (1 guy high sided doing the left swerve!, best commando roll i've seen :applause: )

    Anyway, can't wait for tonights ride!
  10. Well done Jaws \:D/ :dance:
  11. Well done! :applause:

    Now you need to start working on Misses or she'll never let you have that upgrade you'll start dreaming about in a couple of weeks.
  12. Well done, I got 12 when i went for mine. But a pass is a pass...