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Licence Advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by VLTurbo, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. Going for my P's in a couple of weeks any advice, tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I did my L's in NSW but now live in VIC so will do my P's down here. Not sure what to expect when comparing it to the P's course in NSW.
  2. G'day VL,

    Heaps of people around here have done their P's test and posted a bit of a rundown of the day.

    Have a look at the search page, you'll find heaps of posts and hours of reading.


  3. If you've been riding regularly, it's VERY hard to fail. Practice your emergency stops, and you'll be fine. Don't fall off either. ;)
  4. and remember to do your headchecks! ;)
  5. I'm assuming he's talking about his bike P's - in that case headchecks aren't important for the test. ;)

    Unless you're just yanking my chain, Josh!
  6. Well he is from NSW. Up here for our P's we have to do headchecks when we move off or risk losing points. How the hell do you mexicans do it?
  7. Try this link http://www.ridetek.com.au/motorcyclelicencetesting.htm and just scroll down to the bit about licence testing. This gives an overview of the test. The course includes other stuff that is more practical in "real life riding" such as emergency braking in corners, enhanced cornering and more on countersteering.

  8. I got my P's. Thank you to all who posted advice and pointed me in the right direction.
  9. Well done, it's a good feeling with no "L's" on the back.
  10. Thanks Steve....
    Sure is...
  11. Hey, good one vl!!!
    There's a feeling of freedom that you get when you don't have that yellow plate anymore!!
    Go out and enjoy!!
  12. Congratulations, welcome to the P club :D
  13. hey VLTurbo

    now that you've done your ps and passed..

    any advice youd like to apss on ?:D
  14. And, while you're enjoying the feeling, mate, please read some of the other threads about how easy it is to get into trouble when you're in over your head.

    It's better to be cautious and learn slowly and work your way up to the heroics.
  15. PPPPPPPP!!! Enjoy the feeling, ride responsibly, finish off your Ps in style and then venture out to the big world of bigger bikes and a whole new experience!