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Liberator General San Martin Drive

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Faramir, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. For Sydney Northern Beaches Riders:

    I rode on Liberator General San Martin Drive today (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park). All Toll Booths were unmanned (at about 4:30pm).

    From Terrey Hills Toll Booth to Illawong Bay Booth, was pleasant. I took it easy because it was my first time. From Illawong Bay to Akuna Bay Gates was also nice.

    From Akuna Bay to West Head Road Gate really sux because it was so bumpy and rough for a beginner like me. I hoped I didn't push my Spada's suspension to the limit. I did a U-turn at the Toll Booth and headed back the other way.

    The two 15km/hr up-hill corners just past Illawong Bay (heading back to Terrey Hills) were challenging. There were many other curves that I liked and hope I can improve on.

    I am glad that I did not have to pay $11 today. I hope that next time I visit these roads, the Toll Booths will be unmanned again. I hope to ride along Cottage Point Road and to the end of West Head Road.

    PS: McCarr Creek Road has a branch sticking out when you head towards Church Point. Heading past the Ku-Ring-Gai Chase Park turn off, about 2km I think. I think the branch is on the second or third 35km/h bend????? It won't bother most riders cos they can lean lower enough to duck under the branch. Otherwise, just duck your head like I did (if you're a beginner like me) and the leaves will just brush your helmet. The 4WD or SUV must hit this branch each time, I think.
  2. Good to see you got amongst some nice roads

    Yeah those Toll Booths are a bugger when you just want to ride through.

    Good luck on the P's test
  3. Hey I was there at about 7 or so today after I got frustrated doing cone weaving. Came from the top going down, which I now hate as I'm fast enough to realise engine breaking sucks hard downhill. That branch took me by surprise but ducked just in time, was going to pull over and do something about it so someone else didn't get capped but not a safe place to be pulled over in those bends. I'll prob go tomorrow morning so I'll take a saw and deal with it if its still there. I havent done the toll booth area as I'm too stingy to pay $11 for a ride through. But it sounds like a fun ride so I'll see if I can catch them unawares/sweet talk my way in for free.
  4. where are you from....

    some nights we ride up allambie rd (manly vale), down wakehurst parkway, up powderworks rd (narrabeen), down mona vale rd, left at samuel st (bottom of hill near roundabout), along cabbage tree rd to pittwater rd, along pittwater rd up mccarrs creek rd to terrey hills, down forest way and back down allambie rd.

    It takes about an hour and a half if you cruise, but so many nice corners it's well worth the ride.

    be careful, keep an eye out for possums, wallabies and knobends in 4 wheel drives on the wrong side of the road, and when you helmet fogs up, pull over and clean it, it is a very dangerous road at night.

    Also, when you come in from the bottom to go up mccarrs creek side, the road is newly surfaced and on a near perfect uphill slope, so you can let it out a bit on the corners with a little more confidence. The hairpins at mccarrs creek are also good practice in either direction.

    Don't try to ride to cottage point at night, there are no road markings and it's hairy, we don't usually ride akuna bay because it's bad for your shocks and there are a few spots that really buck you.

    If you ever want to ride, just pm me or email me, i'm nearly (wife permitting) always up for it.
  5. The branch on McCarr Creek was gone today (at about 5:30pm). Thank you to the person who removed it.

    I did Cottage Point and West Head Road today. Cottage Point was a hairy ride for me but I loved it.

    I also rode from West Head Road intersection General Liberal San Martin Drive back to Akuna Bay. Rode it slowly due to the bumps. It still managed to jolt me off my seat.

    Tomorrow, my gf wants to see me. Hopefully, I can find abit more time for riding. I am trying to make up for lost time. Tyrying to cram in as much riding before I become busy again.
  6. Wasn't me who moved it, the sun was too good to waste so I read a book by the pool :)
  7. Surely if you go at the right time of day the sun reflecting off that shiny, shiny ZZR will blind the toll-operator and you can pass by while their retinas are recovering[?]