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Liberal use of decals

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by mendosi, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Discovered this one on my holiday in Taiwan.

    At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking it's a Ferrari (nice red colour), but noticing the transformers logo gives a hint something might be wrong.

    Closer examination reveals this is a Hartford, 150cc (yeah, I never heard of them either) and, if you look even more carefully: yes, that is a CVT.

  2. So, not Fernando Alonzo's new drive, eh :LOL:???
  3. A few years ago , I seen a strange bike with 3 pipes shaking shop windows ,Ferrari paint and decals. To this day i have no idea what the hell it was ,but that`s roar i wont forget
  4. Three pipes, strange and Italian - my guess would be a Laverda.
  5. Ima nota so sure ifa ita wasa italaino .Good chance of it being a full custom 3 cylinder job .

    Never seen a 3 pipe setup stacked like it. And the thing was about to set of alarms
  6. did you meed mordeth13 whilst in Taiwan?
  7. It doesn't seem so, not yet at any rate.
  8. I met M13 in Taiwan. Did his tour.
  9. I think I am missing something here. Is Mordeth13 a tour operator in Taiwan? If so I might be interested in doing a tour next time I'm here.

    I come every couple of years, and never fail to be amazed at the many cultural differences, especially on the road.

    I have seen a precious few nice bikes here, and plenty of beat up old scooters. Actually there are a few locally-made models like the one pictured above which look sharp but are actually pretty useless performance wise. Not too surprising since the fastest that any bike below 249 cc is allowed to travel is 60 Km/h (any road with a higher speed is barred to such 'heavy' motorcycles). Another bike which looks pretty neat is the SYM T1 and T2 if you want to search for piccies. The T1, below, is also 125cc.

  10. Mordeth13 is a motorcycle video blogger living in Taiwan. He has a YouTube channel. And a Tour Company.
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  11. Each Ferrari sticker = + 50hp
    Each Transformer stick = + 100 hp

    Thats an amazing machine, we are looking at about 251hp there gentlemen!
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  12. [​IMG]

    Looks like 451hp to me using your formula for images I can definitely make out :)
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