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VIC Liberal Nationals Coalition Motorcycle Policy

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Wolve, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Monday 22 November 2010

    Shadow Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder, has announced today a range of initiatives that a Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will introduce to assist motorcyclists.

    Mr Mulder said a Coalition Government would work with VicRoads to end the confusion and examine inadequate requirements for the placement of registration labels on motorcycles.

    “Some bikes lack an appropriate point for the anchor holder and labels are often subject to theft,” Mr Mulder said.

    “The Victorian Coalition will also introduce a trial allowing motorcyclists to use one of Melbourne’s dedicated bus lanes.
    “The aim will be to see whether motorcycles and buses can share these lanes without causing delays to buses and without compromise to the safe use of our road networks.”

    Mr Mulder said a Coalition Government would work to give motorcycle groups and the industry stronger representation on a newly established Motorcycle Advisory Group.

    “The Coalition will also develop a motorcycle tourism strategy,” Mr Mulder said.

    Mr Mulder said a Victorian Coalition Government would also push the Federal Government to develop a national motorcycle safety strategy.

    “We will work with the industry and motorcycle user groups to give Victoria’s Parliamentary (All-Party) Road Safety Committee a reference to conduct an inquiry into safety for motorcyclists, including an examination of Labor’s Motorcycle Safety Levy.
    “A Coalition Government will end John Brumby’s and Minister for Roads and Ports Tim Pallas’s antagonistic approach towards motorcyclists, because the Coalition believes that motorcyclists deserve a seat at the table to participate in decision-making processes”, Mr Mulder said.

    Download the release
  2. Although I've already voted in a safe National's electorate that has some promise.
    Talk is still cheap however.
  3. Yeh ok, it reads motorcycle friendly. It's certainly better than the alternative. But the libs have some fracked policies... not the least of which is the anti hoon one. It's more of the same populist "politics of fear" rhetoric that labor made popular. Blah blah blah, hoons are bad, make the roads safer for familes, blah blah blah. Thing is, it's not HOONS that are featuring in the road toll or crash stats. Nor are they dying. :tantrum:

    Who are the MAG?

    Anyway, here's the libs anti hoon policy.

    How many families have been threatened by or killed by burnouts?? :roll:
  4. The anti-hoon policy is a deal breaker for me, in spite of the other 'positive' motorcycle policies. No idea who to vote for, spoilt ballot seems the only way ](*,)
  5. i am not a fan of the anti hoon laws that the libs want, but i'm in a safe national area anyway.
  6. Anti-hoon and mandatory sentencing policies of the Libs rules them out for me. Going to have to get very, very creative on the ballot this year.

    I'm actually hoping for a hung parliament. I just don't trust any of the options to be left to their own devices.
  7. remember dont be foolish guys, a donkey vote is a vote for the party in power. if it has nothing on it its for no one
  8. Actually a young Sudanese boy in Sydney I believe was killed recently when a car was doing burnouts in a suburban street lost control ( driver also drunk ) and crashed through the front fence of the boys home killing him as he was playing in the front garden at the time
  9. fixed.

    and what you wont hear about is what will probably happen to the family of the 'hoon' driver.
  10. A donkey vote is not an informal vote, why people always make an ass of themselves?
  11. Oh no, don't fall into that trap... using an extreme outlier to justify irrational rules.

    The driver was drunk. There's already a slew of laws and substantial penalties on the statutes about that.

    The proposed hoon laws would have avoided this incident how?
  12. Highlighted what was probably the true problem. Not that I advocate or practice burnouts.
  13. I do.
  14. Well, you're free to do whatever you want with your rubber, as long as it is all consensual and doesn't adversely affect anyone else :p.
  15. Wrong. A donkey vote is voting 1,2,3 etc down the card. It is a vote for which ever candidate comes first on the card which in turn is chosen by ballot. So in some electorates it will be a vote for Labor, in some it would be a vote for Liberal etc.

    Neither is an informal vote a vote for the Government. It is simply a non-vote so it simply leaves the result to those votes which are formal.
  16. A deliberate informal vote is a vote of no confidence in the candidates of your electorate.
    No one gets your vote so in a sense you have "wasted" it
    That way when the shit hits the fan from whichever party is in power you can say with confidence I didn't vote for any of the bastards and have a guilt free conscience.
  17. Some informal votes are accidental, many are deliberate.

    I'd like to see an extra "None of the above" box on each ballot paper.

    I live in one of the safest Labor seats so no matter what I do it doesn't matter.

    Besides, no matter who you vote for a polititian always wins.........
  18. Plenty of informal votes are where it is clear the voter was intending to actually vote but not clear what the intention of the vote was.
  19. Looks like we're going to get an opportunity to see this policy in action.

    Let's make the most of it I say. It's a good opportunity to try and claw back a few bits and pieces where we can.
  20. How about these ones then?






    Just a few of the ones that can be found using the words "Hoon, Crash, Victoria". There were many more, and far more if you don't use the identifier, Victoria.