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Liberal Democratic Party motorcycle policy looks great

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SammyA, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Don't know how many have read their policy.. It looks pretty much perfect. They will get my vote!


    Full article: http://www.ldp.org.au/index.php?opt...159:motorcycles&catid=101:policies&Itemid=290
  2. Made my decision a few weeks ago... LDP for me, and an added bonus is the fact that the LDP candidate in my electorate is named Don Key! Pissed myself laughing when I saw that.
  3. While I completely agree with their motorcycle and traffic policies... I don't agree with all of their policies (although the same problem will exist for most parties there!!).

    I completely disagree with their view on firearms for self defense.

    Even so, they're unlikely to be voted into total power and it would be good to have some representation of sensibility on traffic laws! :) Hmm....
  4. Yep, that policy is great but all of their other policies (of which there are many) are terrible. Besides, my brother is running for them in QLD and he absolutely hates motorcycles with a passion, so how serious can they be?[-(
  5. And given that they are so small they don't count for shit who are their preferences going to?


  6. Go here to find out.
  7. I am an LDP supporter - not a member of the party at this stage but I may join up at some stage. I don't agree with all of their policies but I do agree very much with what they stand for - small government, free markets and personal freedom & responsibility.

    They have only been around for a few years and are still very much a fringe party. Because of this they are still probably a little bit at the extreme end of the spectrum. However given more time and resources I am hoping that in the medium term they will develop into more of a realistic option for a third major party - similar to what the lib dems have achieved in the UK. What everyone needs to realise is what they are up against....the major parties have literally millions of dollars at their disposal for marketing and policy development. The LDP's budget would probably be measured in thousands.

    So yes some of their policies are a bit out there...but over time I think they will become more mainstream. The other thing to consider is, we like their motorcycle policy because of the freedom it would give to us as motorcyclists. It is somewhat hypocritical to say that other interest groups are not deserving of the same freedoms, just because we might not agree with them. There is a great quote that goes something like "while I might not agree with your beliefs, I will die to defend your right to believe in them

    Good luck to their candidates tomorrow I say =D>
  8. Bloody hell. That's the best PTW policy I've seen.
  9. There isn’t an LDP candidate standing in my electorate but I will be voting for them in the Senate. There preferences seem okay so it will be a tick for them above the line.
  10. Yeah i agree. i like thier policies, its nice to decide who gets my vote, and it doesn't go strait to ALP or Liberals (who, at least i believe, are both a bunch of bloody turkeys!).

    It was either LDP or Sex Party!

    Good to decide
  11. It seems like a lot of people don't know how preferences work and the smaller parties miss out on a lot of votes because of this.

    YOU decide your own preferences. You don't have to use a "how to vote" card.
    Why do you think you have to number more than one box??

    If you put LDP first, that doesn't mean that the Liberal party will get the first preference. You can put Labor or Greens or whoever you want next.

    Putting the parties down in your own personal preference order sends the major parties a signal that they aren't your first choice and they are going to have to listen to YOU to get your vote in future.

    With so many people around who don't understand how voting works, it's no wonder there are so many people complaining that the major parties aren't attractive to them. I can't remember any election where so many people don't want to vote Liberal or Labor, but don't feel like they have any other choice.
  12. Some good stuff here: I used the links to print up a preference vote that I'll use today!

    Thanks =D>
  13. I'm a strict believer in below the line voting in the senate. They are after all MY preferences. For the record. LDP got my first pref in the senate.
  14. yep, LDP got my first
  15. The Australian Fishing and Lifestyle party are also strongly pro motorcycling (and are anti park lock out for the adventure riders amongst us) if people are looking for an alternative to the LDP.
  16. wish i saw this before i went to vote today
  17. Me too! ](*,)

    Oh well, I'm still not certain whether I can prioritise better motorcycling policy over worse firearm policy... that's a tough call.

    Though I'm just pissed in general that I've felt forced to make my vote against the parties I'm unhappy with - not FOR a party I'd actually want to take power.
  18. Realistically, they're not going to get overall power, and I can see it being easier for an LDP senator to persuade one of the majors to alter their motorcycling relevant policies than their firearm relevant ones.

    Ergo, you're fairly safe voting for them on the basis of their bike policy, without any great likelihood you'll have to wear their gun one too.
  19. As we've seen with the current situation, more people have voted against a party than for one. Motorcycling issues as a national concern are one thing, how we vote on our state leadership is going to create more immediate impact. In the lead up to the state election in November we will be looking closely at what the motorcycle related policies are of each party and ensuring riders get this information.