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NSW Lib opposition to conduct state wide reviw on speed limits and up several

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/state-election-2011/review-of-speed-limits-20110226-1b9gb.html
    "The NSW Opposition will today announce plans to conduct a statewide audit of speed limits, if elected next month.Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell says he wants a review of fixed and mobile speed cameras to curb blatant revenue raising.The policy, to be announced at the Coalition's regional campaign launch in Dubbo, follows a proposal announced in January to increase the speed of single-lane highways in country areas from 100km/h to 110km/h.
    The audit aims to reduce the number of complicated speed changes on main roads and to see if speed cameras are saving lives or raising money. So far this year, NSW motorists have paid more than $32 million in speeding fines."

    first show of common sense in a long time. Andrew Stoner, MP, who has also responded to the recent tax hike on all bikes in CTP is also involved.....this could be very good govt policy when they get in...

    your thoughts?
  2. I support it but I predict that this will be white anted from the inside. It will popular with the people, but the busy body safetycrats will oppose it from within their institutions - such is the fervour they're persuing this cause. :(
  3. Current Victorian Government said the same when in Opposition prior to their last election. The end result was to publish location of camera's.

  4. Yep what Justus said
    Harrassment of riders is still occuring, now down at PI with a major world event underway. They say what they want to get power then don't do shit when in.
  5. possibly, but the HWP and community attitude to revenue raising in NSW and Vic is slightly different. Ever since the introduction of mobile speed cameras the opposition has been against it the whole way. Not so in vic - half the time they say the gov should be doing more.
  6. The bleating begins.


  7. Haha
    And no prize for guessing which state is the most forward state!

    VICNANNY - the world leaders!!! (in bullsh&it)
  8. Backwards in terms of developing a highly profitable 'Road Safety' industry that promotes it's own legitimacy. Let's be clear about this.

    Does NSW show a significantly higher rate of casualty than those states who are collecting more money out of it?

    The problem for Big Ted's government would be how to dismantle such a powerful and well funded lobby - and why?. $32M a year in NSW is absolute chicken feed compared to Victoria.
  9. And don't forget that for years, the VIC budget is calculated (and formulated) with proposed traffic infringment fines.

    You'd think that infringment fines would never be used in State revenue budgeting and used as additional cash put back into real road safety/compensation schemes....
  10. Victorians cop 1.2M - 1.38M fines a year - depending on which report you follow. 2160 of those were "hoons" - recently described as a MINOR MISDEMEANOR.

    That's 0.18% - 0.16% of all fines.

    But according to the "tough on safety" talk, hoons are the central reason that roads are unsafe.

    What a load of bullshit.
  11. From the herald sun article yesterday here in vic.
    Hooning anyone?
  12. Been saying that for years. Fines ought to go to TAC in Victoria. I don't love TAC but it's logical. If we behave, we get cheaper rego.

    It would take a brave or stupid politician to try and do that now (and piss off the safety industry). Maybe Big Ted should give it a go?
  13. when polititions speak I hear, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They all lie and promise the world and when they get in. same ol same ol. The are all full of shit.
    No matter who you vote for the government gets in.
  14. The words "audit" and "review" indicate nothing and are simply a cheap way of winning over idiotic members of the community that have no idea. There are stats on most anything that if they were genuine they would be able to develop some policy on. These could then be fine tuned with said audits and reviews later on. I'm not a supporter of either party but the number of times people fall for this kind of BS astounds me.

    Gov'ts will always go back on their word if it suits them, but at least they get a bit of a ribbing if they declare a platform and then go back on it. Saying they are doing a review or an audit is no commitment at all, IMO not even news worthy.
  15. That's $32M so far this year, bearing in mind the stats could be easily be a week or more old with and Feb being the shortest month.

    That's on target to be more like $180-200M by year's end.

    The local member here is talkin about it too, and the region newspaper is asking for readers' thoughts on the matter. If there's strong enough opinion statewide and it's seen as a signifigant issue, then they might need to do something with it if they get in. NRMA has been on the case about this for some time too.
  16. You do know the dickheads cant be held accountable for what they say. Parliamentary privilege it's called. As if any gov is going to bite the hand that feeds it. As in get rid of the cameras. What a load of cods wallop. This is also the state that is going to reduce it's road toll by 30% and remember SPEED KILLS. It has to, they tell us this all the time. And they wouldn't lie.
    PS speed limits and speed camera locations are set up by a local speed committee. Bombard your local MP.
  17. What rubbish. The speed limit on the Newell was only decreased a few months ago, but they wont call it restoring the speed limit, rather increasing the speed limit to deadly levels.