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VIC Levy money goes to roadside barrier "cushions"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. http://www.bikesales.com.au/news/2012/cushioned-wire-barrier-trials-31924

    There's a new road barrier safety trial in Victoria designed to reduce injury to motorcycle riders, with funding derived from the safety levy.

    The state of Victoria is trialling a range motorcycle safety initiatives designed to reduce injury to riders, such as protective post cushions and rub rails on road side barriers.

    The Victorian statutory government road authority, VicRoads, is pushing ahead with a number of new products that it hopes will improve the safety of motorcyclists.

    Funding for the new safety efforts have come from the Motorcycle Safety Levy that was introduced to motorcycle registration renewals in May 2002, and has accrued around $45 million in 10 years.

    The Bikesales Network was first alerted to the trials via a motorcycle registration renewal notice, and the objective of the new safety measures is to find if they can reduce rider injuries and casualties.

    VicRoads Director of Safer Roads, Road Safety & Network Access, Julian Lyngcoln, told the Bikesales Network the government body is implementing a number of infrastructure modifications that it anticipates will make riders safer. "VicRoads is currently trialling a number of motorcycle friendly products for safety barriers on popular motorcycle routes in Victoria," said Mr Lyngcoln. "VicRoads will continue to work with product innovators in this field to assist in the rapid development of implementation of new initiatives that benefit vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists."

    The range of new road-side technologies being trialled appear to be aimed at reducing the severity of rider injury after the event of accident, or after the loss of control of the vehicle. Here's the list:
    Rub rails: Special rail which is fixed to regular guardrails and prevents motorcyclists from sliding underneath the barrier or hitting exposed guard fence posts. Locations: Greendale, Yarra Glen, Eltham.

    Protective post cushions: These have been attached to wire rope safety barrier posts which can be fatal to motorcyclists, and are designed to minimise the risk of a motorcyclist being severely injured by sliding into a support post. Locations: Upper Ferntree Gully.

    Flexible reflective markers: Unlike regular reflective markers made of metal or wood, they are plastic and designed bend if hit by a rider falling across a guardfence safety barrier. Locations: Walhalla.
    The motorcycle safety push will also include some tertiary upgrades to roads frequented by motorcyclists, such as the sealing of gravel shoulders and side road bellmouths, the result of which will be less gravel debris being flicked onto roads. These will be located in Bogong, Yarra Glen and Christmas Hill.

    Vicroads has also said it will install more electronic warning signs (activated when a bike or car is automatically detected) that warn motorists of difficult or dangerous corners. These will be activated in Halls Gap and Chum Creek.

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  2. does this mean a stop will be put to installing those cable barriers in the middle of roads?
  3. Right around the time they send Olivia Wilde to my place to pleasure me.
  4. Just out of curiosity, does anyone have the stats on the injuries or fatalities this wire barriers have caused?

    Just wondering if this is the best way to spend the safety levy funds on.
  5. At least it's put to good use - far better than pissing it up the wall on bullshit, bogus TAC ads. I wonder, with the yellow barriers, will they cover all of the barrier or just the bit in the photo? (Seems a bit pointless if that's all it'd cover :s)
  6. i think i'd prefer to land in the bushes
  7. if this is a genuine vicroads quote, and if they openly admit this. Isn't it the ammunition we need to get them to remove the wrb entirely?
  8. Yep,I'll take me chances.
    If they are serious-get rid of all barriers.
  9. The only safety levy that has gone into any TAC ad has been at the behest of (the now defunt) VMAC - which was the vice-versa campaign. IIRC VMAC were also instrumental in getting a UK ad revoiced. Tony E can explain more.

    Very interesting Simon. That's worth following up.
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  10. Can't these twats just ask someone else overseas for data?

    Almost every Armco style railing I saw while riding around Spain (ie. motoheaven) had a lower rub rail... but what would they know?

    It's a common Australian problem - either performing endless studies to make it appear like you're doing something or reinventing the wheel to line the pockets of as many consultants as possible.
  11. Maybe you should do a little background check before shooting off with the mouth.

  12. All the barriers built in the past year on the Sunbury - Lancefield Road have had these 'cushions' installed, I wondered what the rationale was. If they are truly there for motorcycle safety then it's a Good Thing, but will this be an attempt to make up the massive shortfall in current road funding by using 'our' money?

    Installing speed warnings which benefit both drivers and riders using 'our' funds is an established misuse of the motorcycle levy IMO, which gives me a touch of cynicism when reading about any spending by VicRoads.
  13. Care to enlighten?

    If they've got the data, why the trial?

    This isn't the first time they've used rub rails either.
  14. It wasn't a TAC ad per se. It was the "Look and Look Again" rather than the vice-versa (which was solely a TAC funded advert). The push originated out of VMAC and the TAC did the conversion from the UK advert and the media bookings for it using their purchasing power.

    No levy money has gone into TAC originated advertising.

    Australian tests are needed because of durability issues - especially since the levels of UV light are significantly higher here than in Europe (even Spain) and the plastics used can break down and become brittle significantly faster. AFIK these are all continuations of trials that started a couple of years ago.
  15. You may refer to link in post #11 which make numerous references to overseas data. Motorcycle expert, Rob Smith aka Rider5 was one of the participating Research Investigators.

  16. this picture is just dumb.
    i really don't get why vicroads are so ****ing dumb.
    those are just ****ing trees. they will grow back. why do they need that level of protection. those railings are lethal.
    your body will slide under them but your helmet won't make it. so your head just pops of. that's never good.
    if they had half a clue they would lower the rail or cover up the passage below, like they do in more technically advanced societies than Victoria.
    i just can't believe they took the time and money to address that barrier and did'nt realise the obvious.

    it's not a barrier you will hit head on. you will hit it on an angle. so you either slide along it if it's covered, or you go under, or you cop a post, (or you go over which would be preferable)

    ffs have the common sense to revove the option of going under or copping a post. where do they find you ****ing people

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