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Levl 2 first aid

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doch, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. CPR

  2. Level 1 or Basic First Aid

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  3. Level 2 or higher

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  1. Just wondering, how many netriders have got their level 2 first aid and do you use it often as in for work or community first aid post

  2. Lvl 1 and never needed it :grin:

    .....hopefully never will!
  3. I just got the senior first aid ticket last week at St Johns Ambulances in the city.

    CPR, bleedings, anaphylaxia, burns, spinal injuries, fractures, strains and sprains, etc.

    Nice two days training.

  4. Level 2 first aid. Never needed it for work (bar putting a band aid on a finger), but it's a requirement for work.
  5. I've got Senior First Aid, and i think its really valuable (i've already renewed once). Ive used it on numerous occasions including a snake bite. I used to be a Medic Sergeant in the "AACC" so it certainly came in handy. I believe its really useful. I wouldn't mind doing the remote area 1st aid course either... if i had the time and money.
  6. Level 2, mostly if i have used it, it's been as a secondary user...... as others were first on scene (or working in a team situation with CFA), only exception to this was during my partners off, when i was the first on scene but being so involved in the situation, forgot everything i learnt (and lucky) there were others qualified there to take over.

    Certainly worthwhile doing the course. :)
  7. Level 2 and never had to use
  8. +1,
    did the course a few years back when I worked for BP,
    time for a refresher I think.
  9. Level 1, never needed it either thankfully.

    They also reckon the skills just come back to you instantly when the occasion arises.
  10. I was first aider at work ,we have a ambulance and a fully set up first aid office.
    My industry is dangerous ,and people get hurt all the time ,mainly cut and scratchs, splinters and a few broken bones ect, we have had some deaths, we have lost 3 people in the last 12 months ,one last week at a interstate depot ,he was crushed.
    May he RIP. :cry: .

    I have sent people to hospital in ambulances ,mainly broken bones and a old guy was having a heart pains.
    I didn't want to do it any more ,I was a first aider for 5 years ,standing by the radio waiting for a call ,or hoping I didn't need to be called.
  11. Without wanting to ruffle any feathers here (seriously)

    St Johns Ambulance CPR course does not meet current Australian standards (unless they have recently updated their text)

    The other stuff is valid as far as I know.

  12. Which part isnt current?
    How long ago did you do it?
  13. I am our senior workplace first aider and I have a current Level 3 certificate done via St. Johns.

    We also have a level 2 trained first aider here.

    No first aid room, but we do have a large first response kit, oxygen and a portable semi-automatic defribrillator (in addition to the first aid boxes on the walls).

    I tend to mainly look after minor cuts, abrasions and the odd strain or sprain.

    Anything more than that and they get sent to hospital (that doesn't happen very often thank goodness).

    I'm also wondering what section of the St. Johns Course doesn't meet Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines because as far as I've read it did (at least some 3 months back which was the last time I checked).

    I am aware that St. Johns did update their courses a while back for the new
  14. The CPR component - this is updated and amended on an annual basis with respect to latest research but St Johns have been training with the same text for years. For this reason, they do not meet current standards. Its not to say that St Johns CPR is completely wrong, but unless they have changed their training regime they are certainly outdated.

    I requalified 3 months ago (but not through St Johns)
  15. Actually St. Johns had changed the CPR component of their training course the last time I requalified with them some 3 months ago.

    They had new cards, and new overheads as part of that.
  16. Very glad to hear it - it took them a long time to get around to that.
  17. I requalified about 5 months ago and they had the new CPR details available, they even had a insert for your 1st aid book to update it. From what i have been told, the old CPR can still be used, its just not as 'efficient' as the new one. i.e. if i had not done the "refresher", its better to do the old CPR/EAR than nothing at all :wink:
  18. I've got nothing - but I do carry gaff tape and cable ties on me at all times.
  19. Add some tex screws to it and replace the gaffer for duct tape and you will be sweet.

  20. Did Level 2/Senior First Aid today.
    The CPR component has been updated, now DRABCD instead of DRABC etc.
    Again, better to do something, other than nothing.
    Especially Airway management and CPR.