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Levers ebay

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Kenshin Ninja300, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. I was looking at buying these to try them out they are a cheap priced set of shorty levers for a ninja 300

    could any one shed some light on these has any one snapped thier levers by general use and not by dropping it , i mean if you drop your bike and it lands on the lever its gonna break no matter what brand you got if your bike is to heavy it will snap ya levers anyway i kinda dont wanna spend hundreds of dollars on high end levers..
  2. I bought a similar set on fleabay, so far so good. They look every bit as good as the multi hundred dollar name brands.
  3. Nice you as in my pic i got an orange ninja i just hope they work fine iv heard good and bad mostly cos the colour fades but hmmm ill proberly use them for a couple of weeks to see if i like the shorts or not
  4. I would strongly suggest against ebay cheapies.

    I had similar ones on my 250 and few times they could have killed me because they got out of adjustment as I was riding spiritedly (they went from all the way out to all the way in on the brake lever).

    What that meant is that I couldn't use the brakes as I intended to because the lever was depressed all the way but I was still using only about 50% of the braking available.

    So I had to continuously adjust them back after every 5th corner.

    That was my way of "riding around" the shitty levers.
    The experience I didn't need.

    If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on the levers then stick with the stock ones.
    They are usually pretty good.

    If you do need the levers (for adjustments only?) then buy some reputable brand.

    The brake lever is one small control on the bike that has the biggest effect and I always want it to be absolutely reliable.
  5. ill proberly will get a better brand of these but i might try and just get these and try them out first and see how they fit with my hands and feeling etc before i fork out 100+ for a decent pair this way only wasting 27 bucks not 100+
    but thank you for your advice :) much appreicated
  6. +1

    I purchased 2 sets from an Australian seller based in WA and they were rubbish.

    I paid quite a bit more than the direct from Asia ones as I thought going local would mean better service in case of issue etc... Wrong of course!

    They didn't fit at all to one of the bikes and the other were downright dangerous due to the fit.

    Praise be to Paypal as I got my $$ back and bought some quality levers (from an Australian seller - but not eBay).

    Everything about them is superior - the finish of the levers, the feel, the action... The old adage 'you get what you pay for' is very true.

    BUT if you just want to see what they look like, and maybe decide if short is the way forward - then a cheap set will do the job.
  7. Heard a lot of stories about these not being machined correctly and doesn't sit right with the MC which causes the brakes to lock up. I'd rather spend a bit extra for some levers that actually go through QC.
  8. I got mine from rideitmoto.com.
    Probably the same as anywhere else but I've had no dramas and I've done 5 - 6000 km. Fit well but beware the drilled locator for the plunger. These guys actually warn you about it on their packaging.
  9. I've had a fair few "Chazzos"
    ( Chinese Pazzos) from eBay and I've never had a problem.

  10. here is my levers :)
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