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lever broke off , wont start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by OG, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Bikes stuck at work in Kew

    after work went to the bike and it had fallen over, the clutch lever is broken off
    the left indicator is pushed in a bit
    it had been on the side for less than 2 hours but there was a small ammount of liquid on the ground

    when i turned ignition to on i heard a electric clicking noise for about 20 seconds

    bike wouldnt start when i hit start , no noise

    as im new to bikes what do i do now?
    i guess just call some bike shop ask them to pick it up?

    i have third party but no comprehensive
    its a suzuki across

    please help
  2. Sounds like a relay clicking on and off. Check your fuses.
  3. i more mean do bike mechanics pick up the bike or what i cant fix this stuff
    and i wouldnt mind it to be fixed in a week or less
  4. Sounds like the batter has lost it go-go juice and is flat.

    Check to see if the battery has leaked. If so, replace the acid or get a new battery.

    Take a car down there and jump start it.

    Actually, it's a Suz....a Suzu......just lay it back down and torch the bastard :rofl:
  5. That's what I thought initially, but it clicked when he turned the ignition on, not when he hit the starter button. Sounds like a relay rather than the starter clicking.

    Could be a symptom of buggered battery too though.

    Anyway, dunno about getting towies and what not.
  6. Yes OG, they can come pick up the bike for you.
  7. thanks mg,
    i think it wasnt starting because it has a clutch lever broken and its a suzuki - got to pull it in

    anyway ill let it stand over night add a new lever at lunch if possible , then if that dosent work give it to professionals i will have still saved money on the clutch lever
  8. you know what, called the closest bike mechanic he had a across lever - 5min drive 12.95 lever , 2 min to install it and bike is working fine

    only made that clickey noise yesterday when i first tried to start it

    oh well shouts out to camberwell motor cycles
  9. bikes dont jsut fall over... you may want to investigate why it fell over?

    There maybe security cameras where you park it?
  10. dammit it still has problems, when i started it yesterday it ran for 10-20 seconds then i turned it off patting myself on the back

    went to ride it home today, 24 hours later pylled the clutch in and it turns over in neutral but wasnt starting

    if i put it into any gear it wont turn over at all
    thought it may have been empty on fuel but went and filled up with a jerry can and still no luck

    the lights are on and no one is home
    to top it off the battry is almost dead now probally only have one or too more tries
  11. actually it probally wasnt turning over in first because the stand was down