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Level 2 - RiderSafe - Adelaide

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DuanneB, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. I may live to regret this, and maybe no-one will be interested; however, if anyone is getting ready for their L2s, has a bike but isn't confident in getting through (maybe you've failed already) the L2 tests and you're interested in coaching / pointers, send me a PM.

    Have put around 500+ through the RiderSafe courses, so know what's required. I'm prepared to give an hour of my time (free) to help out a fellow future motorcyclist. No catches, just a bit bored. Would have to be on weekends and down at Oaklands.

    Happy to help out someone who just needs some guidance and is prepared to listen and learn. No attitudes please.

  2. Thats really kind of ya. Reckon you'll still be offering your help in six (or hopefully less...) months time... when the weather is rubbish... and Ill be going for my test?
    Hehe. Have a good one :)
  3. I'm close to booking in for my test. Went down to Oaklands on the weekend and ran thru the excersises a a few times. Figure 8 is the only issue Im having (and only with the left turn, fine on the right)

    I'm only a new member so I can't PM you as yet. Perhaps you can post some general guidelines and tips?
  4. That's a really kind offer DuanneB. I've only had my Learners permit for a month, but I'd love to take advantage of this if I'm welcome. Pretty confident riding on the road in general, but I'd sure like some pointers on low speed maneuvering etc. Any tips and a chance to practice for the L2 course would be greatly appreciated.