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Letting the good times roll!

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Lugo, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. As some of you may have read in the Near Misses section, I had a recent off on my GS at no fault of my own, which unfortunately resulted in one written off motorcycle.

    I decided to make the best of an unlucky situation and upgrade to something a bit bigger that I can easily un-restrict when my probationary period is lifted at the end of the year. Also wanted a few creature comforts and safety features I missed out on with the last bike, and came to the conclusion of one of these!



    It's a brand spanking 2012 Kawasaki ER-6N LAMS Edition in good old Kawa Green :) Brought her home yesterday in Melbourne's glorious winter weather, so she's ready for a bath already. Many miles of fun to be had on this one, can't wait!
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  2. Great choice, great bike, great colour!

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    Nice bike. :) Enjoy!

    2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650L.
  4. Probably you know this already but...

    De-restricting is illegal regardless of the state of your license and will void insurance cover. Warranty is probably iffy too.

    Just FYI
  5. Oh yeah... Nice bike BTW
  6. Nice mate.
  7. great bike! you will really enjoy it once its all warn in.
    i recommend getting a two brothers black series exhaust.
    gives the bike such an aggressive sound!
  8. Good job mate....

    Good choice....

    Great turn of events...,

    Congrats (y)
  9. Forgive my ignorance. :) What are these creature comforts and safety features?

    Nice bike btw. Got a soft spot for Kwakas. And your thread title made me chuckle. (y)
  10. All Kawas should be green

    Viscera99, please read what people write before weighing in with a comment :roll:

    that I can easily un-restrict when my probationary period is lifted at the end of the year.
  11. Eh?

    Fully read, re-read, and understood. Don't see where the issue is. Even if on a full license, un-restricting is illegal. The bike is registered as a LAMS bike so to un-restrict it means it isn't compliant with it's registration.

    Yes it can be re-registered as a fully fledged 650 at (apparently) substantial cost but can never be registered again as a LAMS bike (again, apparently). The bike will have better re-sale value as a LAMS so re-registering tends to be a waste of money.

    I'll qualify this by saying that this is the case in VIC. May be different in NSW?

  12. ^ Don't worry you are correct....

    Me thinks this was just another one of Hornets "moments"
  13. I don't read that he WANTS it to go back to being a LAMS bike; surely the whole point of 'tunable' bikes is that you can do your LAMS, de-restrict them AND KEEP THEM??? When you sell it you sell it as a derestricted model. Otherwise why would the manufacturers permit you to do it in the first place?
  14. Wrong -

    With these types of bikes (ER650, SV650 etc) it is more sensible to de-restrict them for yourself - keep them registered as LAMS and run the risk of a cop putting the bike on a dyno to warrant a canary sticker - THEN re-restricting it and selling it as LAMS with the original compliance and rego still in tact.....

    There is no way known you would de-restrict a LAMS ER6n, re-register it as full power then sell it without compliance - absolutely absurd.
  15. They don't....

    Hence why they sell both LAMS and NON-LAMS variants simultaneously.

    If you de-restrict a factory LAMS bike you are no longer under warranty - and you may have a lot of trouble filing an insurance claim
  16. Thanks guys. I've only done a few km on it thus far having been away for the weekend, but already I can feel what a tremendous improvement it is on my last bike.

    Two brothers aye? I will get a exhaust for it eventually, just deciding what I like, it's quite hard not knowing what each one sounds like. Cosmetics are a big thing for me too, I find a lot of the aftermarket mufflers look a bit tacky, so it'll probably take some time to pick an exhaust out!

    Creature comforts, main one is fuel injection. The carby setup with choke never really bothered me heaps but I didn't want another bike with that setup. Otherwise the seat is better padded and more comfortable, the digital display with all the extra trip functions, fuel gauge etc. In terms of safety it was all about stopping power, the bigger twin pot twin disc brakes, ABS and wider rubber.

    As for all this talk of de-restricting, I did a fair bit of research into this and there seems to be nothing in writing (which I can find) that suggests it is illegal to do so, and every piece of advice I could gather from everyone I spoke to told me de-restricting the bike is no different to any other performance modification, and no different to the likes of Learner legal cars which can be modified to exceed the power regulations set by the local RTA, as like cars bikes are only limited by power to weight. It terms of insurance, Swann told me that as long as my licence allows me to ride the bike in it's full power form, there's no issues on that front.

    Re-registering the bike on the other hand cannot be done, it's registered as a ER-6NL for life as far as VicRoads is concerned, the only restricted bikes exempt from this rule are Hyosung's, the only thing I need to be sure of is re-fitting the restrictions before I sell it. Considering it's a screw that takes 20 seconds to remove and re-fit, I don't think it'll be much of a hassle at all really.
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  18. Good one...

    Tested one on the weekend, even the same colour and it felt GREAT. Don’t have much experience on bikes but this one stood out as my first choice. Hope to get it before end of the month if nothing ells pulls my attention.
  19. Ideed Hornet.

    Far from illegal to derestrict a bike once off your restrictions.
  20. Just be be clear - BitSar this is NOT a dig at you or anyone else in this thread.

    I have no idea what the registration issues are so I'll leave that alone but...

    I very much doubt that having de-restricted the bike would adversely impact any potential insurance claim UNLESS it could be demonstrated that
    a) The bike had been de-restricted; and
    b) the de-restriction was a factor in causing the accident.

    Naturally any modifications which are not legal would not be covered as part of a claim - eg "illegal" aftermarket exhaust might be an example.

    This is not legal advice, merely my opinion, but there is a lot of misinformation regarding insurance out there. The interweb is wonderful for that.