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Letting go of the dream (for a while)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. I love my Spada, but I want a bigger v-twin. I'm currently vacillating, depending on the day, the time and the bargains, between an SV 650 and a Firestorm, with a vague possibility of a VStrom in there somewhere. But basically, I shouldn't jump until a few things in my life resolve themselves, because they will effect things like how far I have to commute as well as how much money I have to buy and run a bike. So the smart, the sensible, the logical thing to do is hang onto the Spada for just another month or two until stuff sorts itself out. But coming here and checking out the bikes for sale, and checking bikesales and bikepoint, I do keep finding the bargains that I can so easily imagine myself riding by the weekend...

  2. Holy crap: like a brand new SV650S for $7690+ORC!
  3. What year?! Where?! Because christ that is an abosolute bloody bargain!
  4. It's a 2006 and is in Victoria, Fern Tree Gully I think - check Bikepoint. Yep, it definitely is.
  5. Yeah, BTX motorcycles. (not pimpin' for them, and if it was closer to me I wouldn't even be telling youse b&#% I'd be borrowing money instead!)
  6. Yeah if I could get a new SV650S for that price in Canberra or Sydney I would piss the Street Triple off :p.
  7. that is a bargain.

    im thinking about getting one of those too.
  8. snap that up quick smart matee. its an insane deal.
  9. Good.

    Good, good and good.

    Bad, wrong and naughty. You need a new bike now, NOW! (evil voice sitting on your shoulder)

    But not how much you'll enjoy it. Now that's the import thing really isn't it.

    See point two.

    Now about that SV for pocket change... If you need somebody to *cough* deliver *cough* that for you, feel free to PM me okay *nods*
  10. Actually, as it happens, I've found another one closer that is as much or more of a bargain, but I ain't telling you b%&$( about it, 'cos I think I'm going for it (bankers willing)... damn you and your evil angels, port80!
  11. I saw the BTX thing too... thinking of flying down on the weekend. Wonder how much the +ORC works out to. Seems waaaaaaaaaaaay too cheap.
  12. Yeah, I'd certainly be phoning them for a chat before jumping on a plane, but if they'll give answers and they're the right ones, 3 grand below RRP (which would have ORC on top of it too) is pretty insane.
  13. Excellent.....

    *slinks off under the closest shadow*
  14. wow, it would certainly be hard to pass up a deal that good....and you say you've found a better one!!! excellent.

    I dare say if i had walked into a dealer and seen a deal that good on an SV, i probably would have got that instead of the Strom.
  15. Hmmmmm.... Not sure if I was the victim of a bit of a bait-and-switch, or just a genuine mistake.

    The deal I *thought* I'd found was a current model SV with a Staintune pipe and only 2200 km on the clock for 7 grand. I guess I should have realised 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. It was at TeamMoto in Blacktown and there was no photo in the Bikepoint ad. Contacted them and the response was 'Sorry, that's a mistake, we have no SVs in stock at this store, that stock number was for a DR650." And, very quickly, "If you're interested in an SV I can ring around and found out what our other stores have." Left it with them, but I expect to hear back with some prices that are much less bargainly...

    Anyone checked out the BTX one to see if it's legit?
  16. I got my SV650S from BTX and they were fine with me....

  17. Cool, it's still showing up and I just e-mailed them. I'm still waiting on my bank for the money otherwise I'd pursue it more energetically... but I won't be POed if one of you snaps it up first.
  18. OK, got a very prompt, friendly and informative response from Cameron at BTX. Real price, fantastic deal, onroads in Vic would be $900-1000 depending on where you live, so you could ride away with a brand new SV650S (RRP over $10.5k+ORC) for around $8.5k. So about a 3 grand or so saving, or quarter of the price. It's a hell of a deal. I could probably do it even a bit cheaper by buying there and registering in QLD.

    I'm still struggling with myself... I'd be borrowing the lot, and I should wait. So if someone here snaps it up it'll save me some stress... but I'm also still shambling towards buying it!
  19. Please try not to let THAT interfere with your plans...you'll be making monkeys out of the rest of us, mate. :LOL: :LOL:
  20. AND TeamMoto signed me up for their newsletter (spam) without consent. Not happy at all with them, or impressed, but very impressed with BTX.