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Letters to the Editor

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Just reading my latest motorcycle mag purchase, and thought I'd quote from a couple of letters to the editor.

    "Fuel Facts"
    "Once again we are faced with the threat of a cut in petrol. Why has not the shortage prompted our chemists to find an alternative fuel? Surely it is not beyond the ability of our men of science to find a fuel as effective, as cheap and capable of being home produced? One would think that, as a weapon in the battle for national recovery, a home-produced alternative to petrol is essential. The challenge is one that must be met, because what is today an artificial shortage will, one day, be real."

    "Are Cyclists 'Dangerous'?"
    "May I encroach on your space to help in diagnosing the complaint suffered by the Scottish correspondent [...] who has suddenly realised what a "confounded nuisance" cyclists are, and who is troubled by having to overtake them riding five abreast! [...]"

    From Motor Cycling: July 28, 1949. Some thing don't change (an not fortunatly u c sum things do!)

  2. excuse my ignorance, but i dont get it?
  3. What's old is new again... or nothing ever changes...
  4. Anything in there about lane splitting?

  5. Got a picture of the centrefold?
  6. excuse my ignorance, but i dont get it?

    From Motor Cycling: July 28, 1949
  7. if everyone rode bikes we wouldnt be running out of fuel..
    as far as dangerous goes thats up to the user
  8. No, we'd just be running out less rapidly.

    Of course even in 1949 they had alternatives, like coal gas
    Certainly make car drivers think twice about cornering fast :LOL:.
  9. Lol the munsters.

    ps: fuel and cyclists...zzzz
  10. How very interesting. Seems to lend weight to "conspiracy" theory about peak oil being a long way off!

    Do we know why they were facing a cut in fuel?
  11. In 1949 in the UK, petrol was still rationed following WW2. Rationing would not be lifted until the early 50s. Not only was fuel in short supply, but it was of awful quality and about 75 octane. Again, it was only in the 50s that decent juice and higher octane ratings became available again.

    Specifically why the ration might have been cut, I'm not sure. it might have had something to do with the huge petrol requirement of the Berlin Airlift.
  12. Basically, the country couldn't afford to pay the price of oil in a highly competitive market. Product was way down, transport was crippled.

    It amazes me how quickly alternative fuel sources where pressed into service during the war. The technology was simple, and so were the solutions. The results were patchy but mostly, they worked. Have we lost the ability to do that now?

    James May's story on Top Gear last night about the hybrid Honda was interesting in this regard. I think it was a bit deceptive in that he simply glossed over the real hurdles in getting hydrogen to the masses (and the dangers!) but I reckon that in the long term a version of this this will be the final solution.

    After watching a massive cycle-on-cycle crash this morning caused entirely by stupidity on all sides, I'd have to say that cycling hasn't progressed much :wink:
  13. No, but there's a fabulous action shot of one of the journalists road-testing a 349cc Dutch two-stroke. He's 'leaning' the bike through a corner, wearing goggles, and a very nice three piece woolen suit!

  14. [​IMG]
  15. Nice Knuckle.
  16. oooooo ic, now it makes sense, didnt see that bit, thanks