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Letter to DFAT Immigration Minister

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kermie, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Letter sent to the DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Immigration Minister.

  2. :rofl: Birocrats.....nuff said
  3. Just a shame it probably never made it past their secretary's desk.

    This is eaxctly the sort of thing politicians should be paying attention to.
  4. Your letter will be piled up on a pollys desk......it wont be read, there will be no response, they wont even give it a second galance. However they will shuffle it from one side of the desk to the other for the next week (to look busy and important).
  5. Every single word radiates the frustration you must be feeling and after some of the experiences we've had with "birocrats" (love that one Chef) I feel for you as well as now live in fear of applying for my British passport :shock:

    Send it to the Telegraph, I'm sure they'll print it as you've taken the time to insert just enough bogan into it to appeal to their audience ;) and it might get seen by the minister when he picks up a copy the cleaning staff have left behind.
  6. It's only about 2 years old, and originally Canadian from what I can see...

    Anyway if the Federal and state governments had all that data correlated and cross linked I'm a lot of the people that liked this letter would be the first to biatch...
  7. Too true - working for a gov't dept I wasn't really going to comment on this thread but with respect to getting info from other sources, gov't depts or forms, it amazes me how many people actually fill out these forms and do not read them or enquire as to how the information is used and relevant sections on privacy.

    At the very least do this first - actually take 10 mins to read through the accompanying information that is sent with these forms. I can say that many times I have answered enquiries on the subject simply by reading the relevant sections sent in this material that the people are holding in their hands, that is, the language used in the letter is not beyond them but that they simply will not read it. Whether its a loan contract, gov't doc or you are signing up to a video store, just read it rather than waste everybody's time in having them read it to you. Then there may actually be a chance to direct some resources to where they are needed.

    PS do not be reluctant to contact that dep't though if information is missing or unclear - but do try and see if the information is there first
  8. Actually if you send it registered mail and state you want a response with X number of days they have to ( by legislation ) reply - the content of your letter is of no consequence
  9. I can't actually see what the letters bitching about anyway...
  10. Really? How many Canadians went to Vietnam? - answer NONE.

    The whole original diatribe is nothing but a joke on the person who wrote it - a bigoted, ignorant, uneducated racist.
  11. From 2008 ---> http://all-funny.info/actual-letter-to-the-canadian-passport-office
  12. It's been carefu8lly anglicised though, based on the correct spelling of ar#*hole.
  13. this was originally canadian. but it works here as well.
  14. Genuine letter im afraid and unfortunately that magnificently worded letter wouldnt get a second glance :(

    If they did reply then it would be something like - we confirm the reciept of you letter dated such and such date lol.
  15. What's a genuine letter???
  16. The letter "A".... it's a genuine letter...

    Been around for years...

    Apparently "Q" is also a genuine letter, but there's always been something about it to make be doubt it's authenticity.... *shrug* maybe it's just me...
  17. I think it's that smudgy bit at the bottom, never trusted it...