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Letter to Adelaide council about 50cc scooter plague

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by supagu, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Well, today I struggled to get a bike park in the city, so I thought i'd write a letter to the Adelaide council about the problem of the 50cc scooter plague:

    If any one feels similarly about the situation please feel free to write your own email to the council

    E-mail: city@adelaidecitycouncil.com
  2. Much as I would never ride a scooter, I don't know if it's fair to compare the riders to locusts. ;)
    They are a 2 wheeled vehicle, same as ours and they have to compete for the same spaces.
    It's worth contacting the council and pushing for a greater allocation of suitable parks for all of us, and the parking on the curb idea has a lot of merit (I've recently seen how well it works in Melbourne), but being divisive isn't going to help the situation.
    The 50cc mob can be our allies in this.
  3. Question is, do you have any more right to the parking because you have a full license / bigger bike? I say no.
  4. Look at the positive side. Every scooter stealing your parking space means one less car/4wd trying to kill you on the road.
  5. the only problem i have with scooters using motorcyle parks in adelaide, is they seem to enjoy squeezing in gaps they don't actually fit, ie between 2 bikes. I see them with their pegs squished up against the fairings of nice sports bikes all the time.

    You want a solution? do what I do & use the david jones car park.
    $2.50 a day to park a bike (ask at the desk how), and you're garrunteed to always have a park for you, no-one ever parks with their bike rubbing against yours, less chance of someone sitting on it, no chance of coming back to a wet seat in the rain, and bugger all chance of it being knocked over by a car.

    the other other option is to get scooter riders ON SIDE to petition the council to allow parking on the footpath.
  6. Depends how you look at it: bigger bikes have paid for the parking spots through license fees and excessive registration costs. You can draw some parallels with the push-bikers - they get personalised, cycle-only lanes (and a free run of the road laws) without paying a dime to warrant such extravagance. Motorcyclists could understandably be a bit upset after paying $500+ a year + licensing to use the roads and getting nothing like that themselves.

    Ultimately the best solution (to this problem) would be footpath parking, but that seems extraordinarily unlikely. More motorcycle parking would be the next best and I think is a realistic expectation.
  7. You might have better luck using the argument that since there's obviously a lot more people riding scooters instead of using cars then a certain number of car parking spaces should be re-allocated as motorcycle parking.
    That way instead of discouraging 50cc scooters you make them even more attractive to non-riders and gradually reduce the number of cars in the city.
  8. positive action and suggestion always gets a better response than whinging - next you'll be complaining that there are too many cars around!

    which one sounds better:

    1. I have a suggestion improve 'X' on environmental and societal grounds; or
    2. you bunch of fookin tossers, I can't find a park anymore and it's all your fault...
  9. I used to deal with scooter imports all the time, electric and petrol. They became so strict with implementing rules such as all scooter over 200W need to meet with ADRs and such. Govt makes these stringent rules to scooters that could be classed as toys.

    What I can't understand is how strict they are with the vehicles, then they just let any riders up to 50cc jump on without training or a license??? What does power output have to do with rider skills and training?? I've never understood this 50cc ruling.
  10. what about registration for a 50cc bike?
  11. What about people who hold a motorcycle licence that ride 50cc scooters? I know of two personally. Can't be many out there who would be silly enough to keep riding a pregnant sewing machine instead of a real bike, but it will happen.

    Your e-mail assumes that every 50cc scooter rider doesn't hold a bike licence so it won't come across too well will it?

    Far better imho to band together with all two wheel motorised riders and petition for more parking space. The cost of fuel is pushing more and more commuters into the world of two wheeling and pretty soon there could be more scooterites than bike riders (perish the thought) Councils need to accomodate the changing times and that will be for more two wheel riders in the future. Just ask any scooter dealer about how many of the darn things they sell per hour!
  12. For every car park the council converts to 2 wheel parking, we get another what 4-5 spaces?
    Sounds good to me.