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Letter to a manager of a parking garage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Haven't been around for a while and haven't really had much of worth to contribute, but I just wrote this letter and faxed it to the manager of a parking lot near work to try and finally deal with some problems with motorcycle parking I'm having. Thought you guys might like a read as well.

    Its probably not up to the standard of the various resident Hemingways but I'm reasonably happy with it. Excuse all grammatical stuff ups.

    I spoke with the manager on the phone and it sounds like is treating the matter seriously.

    Dear YYYYY:

    I need your help with a situation I’m finding increasingly frustrating.

    Approximately three months ago, I purchased a motorbike again and rather than driving to work began to ride it as often as possible, and used the swipe card to access the ZZZZZZZ car park. Prior to this there had only been one other bike that had used the motorcycle parking bays. As a result it seems like it had become the common practice for employees to park across the motorcycle bays with only a fraction sticking out the back which presented only a slight obstacle for the 4 reserved park bags behind.

    My initial frustration with access to parks was generally increased when a number of employees requested that I park in the handicap bays instead or occupy one of the car parks rather than the allotted area while their single car was taking up four motorbike bays. Recently I’ve managed to be able to get most people to avoid parking across the motorbike bays, sometimes this has only been achieved after heated discussions due to frustration of myself not being able to access the facilities provided and the employee no doubt frustrated that a long term practice is being changed. Unfortunately one or two of the more resistant individuals have taken to parking in the handicap bay opposite as the alternative.

    However not all employee’s have acknowledged my requests, one possibly two employees insist on parking across the bays still. The main person that is insisting on continuing the practice of parking in that spot is XXXXXX. XXXXXX has altered his positioning so that he is covering the 2-3 end bays. For a while I went along with this but continued to make requests to relocate. He is now not only occupying 2-3 motorcycle bays but is also blocking at least half of the access to four reserved bays behind his van. He claims that he is unable to monitor those 4 bays that are right beside the control room at the boom gates and that his altered practice of blocking that area is an attempt to ensure those bays are not taken by others. I have my doubts that this is true since he only started to claim that reasoning after a heated discussion to try to change his parking habits (resulting in him moving to the end bags) after the issue, for me, become less of access and more of safety.

    Approximately a week and a half ago I arrived to park in the motorcycle area to find that three of the 5 bays had approximately half a litre of oil spread across them, these three bays were the ones that I had observed at least one car/van parking over, I can only assume that source of the oil was a car. For a motorcycle with only two wheels contacting the ground introducing any kind of substance which reduces or removes the ability to maintain traction is an extreme hazard. I requested that the oil be cleaned up at the start of the week, the next day I drove my car for work purposes and noticed that it still had not be cleaned. It wasn’t until the next day when I arrived by motorcycle to find the oil still in place that I made my concerns known to the attendant again. After some confusion about what my great concern was he finally understood the gravity of the danger and had by that afternoon cleaned up the oil. I have to say that I have a lot of respect for this employee; he had only just returned from vacation and was able to handle the problem promptly which more than compensated for his colleagues. I wish I could remember his name to recommend him as a valuable asset to your team.

    Over the past week my discussions with XXXXXX have been getting more and more heated as he refuses to acknowledge my concerns and maintains that parking the van across 2-3 motorcycle bays and blocking access to 4 reserved bays is more important than giving access to motorcycles where it is intended and removing the risk involved with oil leaking onto the motorcycle bays.

    This morning he had inched his van into the 3rd bay which is the bay I usually use to allow access to the bike in bay one to mount from the left side, which is the general practice of motorcyclists. I suspect since I didn’t make any issue of him parking in the 4th and 5th bay yesterday he has intentionally inched his van half way into the 3rd bay to again provoke an incident. After demanding that he move his van back so I could park in the third bay he explained that “You aren’t my boss†and “if you don’t like it you can fcuk offâ€. At this point I parked my bike across the 2nd and 3rd bay again to provide access to the bike already in bay one and give me room to get off. I then went to the control room to ask his name to make this report. I thanked him for giving me his name, he didn’t have to and more than likely knew the implication of him giving it to me, and his response was “screw youâ€.

    I’m sorry that I have had to bring this matter to you but I’ve exhausted my abilities to reach a satisfactory result without assistance. I acknowledge that I have no doubt been a difficult customer but my motives I believe are reasonable, allow access for motorcyclists to the motorcycle parking bays and removing the risk of an accident caused by oil on tyres. I hope you are able to help me achieve these two things.


  2. I hope he gets no pocket money for a week.

    Why don't you park on the footpath like god intended? And why is there still air in his tyres?
  3. good letter,

    next time burn his shitbox van :LOL:
  4. so he works there?

    what a wanker!
  5. Start taking photos Matt.
    This is going to get ugly.

    Good luck.
  6. good point, got my camera as well.
  7. ^^ Video - Springer style - confron them and have a fistycuff style fight.
  8. Work pays for the parking lot, so I may as well make use of the undercover parking space that theoretically is more secure.

    I'm going to see if I can maintain the moral high ground on this one.
  9. I'm fairly sure in his mind and amongst his friends its "so he parks there? What a wanker!!"

    Still the confrontation this morning was in front of, I assume, his son who must have come to work with him. I would have thought you'd take steps to maintain a level of respect from your kids and not provoke a yelling match.

    I suppose it doesn't help that about 3 heated discussions ago the guy ended up crying (this was right after the oil which I wasn't happy about), then the poor bugger was trying to make the point that he wasn't afraid of me in the next discussion the day after. Geez I'm about as scary as Elmo.
  10. So, what's wally trying to do, block off some restricted parks?

    Maybe give them some witches hats as an easter present.

    Or is that where the employees park while they're working? Imagine that, staff at a parking garage can't find anywhere to park when they're at work!?! They can f*ck off to a different level, surely.
  11. ^ +1

    Amen to that Loz...
  12. why isn't his van a burning effigy to your disgust and his own stupidity?
  13. Actually I suspect his motives have nothing to do with blocking off reserve parks, that was a hastily grabbed at justification with a whole lot of holes to his argument, most notably that no other employee is doing that (that I've observed, which presents the question why does he have to resort to that strategy when everyone else is perfectly capable without using a blockade.

    That excuse was invented that day after I reduced the poor bugger to tears, I suspect its an attempt at defiance with a loose justification for an employer. I"m guessing he has mentally decided that as a result of reducing him to tears he has to make a stand to prove his manhood. My guess is that for him its not longer about any logical arguement but rather about rebuilding his self esteem.

    There are witches hats there and they are used for the reserve parks. I even noticed that one witches hat was placed by the helpful guy at the end of the bike parks last week, soon after that was moved aside and the van was in place.

    And yes people struggling to find a park in a parking garage, has me a little baffled as well. Its taken me about 3 months of requests, demands and a few shouting matches to get most of the employees to park elsewhere unfortunately some of them are now parking in the handicap bay, but most seem to be ok with it now. Mongrel of a job changing peoples habits.
  14. I refer again to me being about as scary as Elmo.
  15. Sam Colt addressed this issue about 150 years ago :)
  16. It's amazing these days, the effect a simple letter can have.
    At my work, the only thing worse than getting a punch in the face, is being put on paper for punching someone in the face. :shock: ..If you get what I mean.
  17. Just as a follow up, the Van and the bloke disappeared for a couple of weeks right after I sent the letter and I thought I got him fired. But he returned, as did the "discussions", mind you they were more me just talking to him and him making loony signs at me, and then quickly hiding in his booth handing out the silent treatment. After a few days of me just talking AT him to try and expand his mind, I stopped for a sec and realised this guy was extremely uneasy with what was happening. So I went at him with a "You feel that sense of unease you have, perhaps it because deep down you know what you are doing is wrong? Have a think about it.", then took off.

    The next day I caged it in and low and behold he had moved his van to a car park, I've been off work due to another work issue (two of my drama threads meshing here) for most of this week so haven't been able to see if he has decided to park there from now on or not.

    So all is good, at least until this arvo when I found another employee had decided to take up the mantle and park on the motorbike area, he even admitted that he had read my letter and still did it. He did say that he had been barred from parking on the handicap parks (a point I made in the letter) and yet still ignored points I made about the bike parks. Anyway got him to move the car without getting agro but he still defended his right to park there as an employee so it looks like I have another little project to work on. The one thing I noticed is that he was shaking like a leaf while we were talking, and I was making an effort to minimise the confrontation in the discussion as much as possible. Maybe I should shave the goatee, might not be so scary then.

    Hopefully its just a tag team effort and I won't have to opponents in the ring at the same time. Might have to get in touch with the manager again and find out exactly what was done. I suspect at this stage not much.

    "The Parking Attendant's Attendant"
  18. They need to bolt some bollards down around it..
  19. Fun and games Matty!

    You big tough biker you.
  20. Why would you try and appear less scary?

    When a car at work parked in the motorbike bay (it has a bollard in front of it and two concrete pilons either side, so only way out is reversing) I pulled up on the bike to find the TEAM MANAGER getting out of the car, I sat there with my arms up in a "What the fk are you doing" manner, she did that thing where you can SEE them look at you and mentally choose not to acknowlege you.

    Well, since it was about 25 mins till the start of my shift I waited until the two other guys I know who ride bikes turned up.

    We parked across the exit, locked up the disc locks and went in to work.

    Get an email part way through the day "Would the owners of the red, green and black and maroon motorbikes please move your vehicles, a staff member would like to go home"

    About 50 minutes later we finished, went down stairs and there i she is, sitting in her car reading a book.

    Needless to say she never parked there again, we all got written warnings though lol