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Letter to A Downers mummy....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by thetramp64, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Did anyone hear the news reports of Alexander (fishnets) Downers "dummy spit" yesterday in Sydney?

    A 17 yo school kid asked him about the Kyoto protocol and why we haven't signed it. He reportedly went off accusing the kid of being a Labour Stooge.


    I think this is appropriate......A letter to his mummy....

    Dear Mrs Downer,

    The School regrets to inform you of an incident that occured whilst young Alex was on a field trip to the Sydney Museum.

    As you know we have a very strict behaviour policy. Young Alex unfortunately broke this by being abusive and rude to another student, when in fact all the other student had done was ask a question.
    The subject matter involved was in fact on our curriculam, and is considered an importatnt part of his schooling.
    We realise that some students don't like or agree with the subject.

    Further, whilst we understand that the other student was bigger and better articulated and that young Alex is often a target of bullying, (the recently posted pictures in fishnets didn't help him at all) we cannot tolerate this behaviour.
    Accordingly we have banned him from such school activities and restricted his contact to other disruptive influences such as little Johnny.

  2. Jeezuz, he is such a deadset w&*ker isn't he??:jerk:

    Bring on the election!! :nopity: :nopity: :nopity: :soapbox:
  3. Kid is a LEGEND!
  4. OK, the kid is n00b, but it isn't his fault.

    If the government would only stand-up and say "Look, TRYING to stick to Kyoto targets will increase our costs of production, make us less competitive, and ruin a chunk of our export market.
    On top of that, it will accomplish something that's near pointless next to increasing emissions from 3rd world industry and the Chinese expansion.

    Kyoto is not an agreement to reduce emissions and save the planet, it is ALSO an agreement to reduce exports, drive up living costs, and increase taxes - does Australia agree to all those things too?

    Thanks, we already know the answer. We're the government."

    -They'd cop a lot less flack for being 'dishonest' or 'sneaky'.

    Japan can't even meet emissions targets, and that's where frickin' Kyoto is located. article.
  5. But what about little Alexanders outburst? He's the main Noob in this scenario.
    I'd also disagree that the kid was a noob. He was asking a question, not proclaiming a viewpoint, :soapbox: , like some of us do.....
  6. "outburst" ?
    It sounds like he answered the kid's questions in the vein they were asked.
    The article uses words like "taken to task", "grilling" and "raised the ire" - this does not imply innocent questions answered with anger.

    I'll wager they were loaded or barbed questions for a public politician at a media-covered Q&A session to answer in any way othe than completely politely to a child.

    But the article doesn't give us the exact questions asked.

    So for starters - IMO, Downer's response isn't particularly severe.
    + we can't gauge the appropriateness of the response because we don't know the questions.
  7. Who's surprised? Our kids are being used as stooges by left-wing teachers with political agendas, and primed up to ask stupid questions which they don't understand. Why should politicians have any patience with these simpering know-it-alls?
  8. If that is the case I agree.

    Or he could have been an intelligent, educated, free thinking Year 6 student who made his own mind up. I dont know either way myself. He Downer (as an adult) could have reacted in many different and more appropriate ways than he did.

    It wasn't what he said so much as the fact he bullied a 17 yo. Lets be fair here. If you or I saw an adult do that at the footy or in the street, we would be inclined to intercede if things were going too far. (I know I would).
  9. Although I think you're talking bollocks, surely you've teachers have always been left wing, It's those left wing looneys that make up most of our teachers, nurses, and in some case's cops too. The right wing looneys are too busy selling timeshares and real estate too care about any thing other than where the next SUV is coming from.
  10. No, tramp.
    He, a federal politician for a country of over 20 million people, refused to be shown up by a kid who hasn't even finished high-school yet, but happened to see a clip of Kevin Rudd on YouTube.
  11. Did you read the end of the article (emphasis mine)?
    I may have agreed with you if the only people who spoke to the students beforehand were from Labor and/or environmentalists, but considering all the information they received (and the sources they got it from) it was a quite well-informed question that deserved a far better answer than it received.
  12. It's been a while for you, perhaps you have forgotten what a class room is like...
  13. It hasn't been that long since I was out of university (if you want lefties in your face 24/7 then there's no better place to be), so I know what it's like to have an agenda pushed at me.

    Let's take a look at how the session came about...
    • Organised by the Parliamentary Education Office and the National Museum - both non-partisan bodies (although I wouldn't be surprised if some of Howard's buddies were on the Museum board)
      Full-day briefing session by parliamentary staff (including Downer's own staff), media, MPs, academics and interest groups (including industry and business - people who stand to lose the most from any Kyoto-style restrictions)
      Two of the four panellists were from the Hankuk Academy of Foreign Studies in Korea... somehow I can't see them being Labor stooges
      Hosted and recorded in a studio at the National Museum - about as far away from a classroom as you can get.
    Oh... and they also went on a two week study tour of sites in QLD and NT to see who and what would be affected by energy policy.

    So do you still think they were being fed an agenda by the ALP?
  14. downer = gooooooooone
  15. I'm moving this out of politics and into off topic as it is not motorcycle related.
    Also because Hornet's comments incensed me and it's the only way it'll stop me from deleting them.
    sometimes you can be a prize pillock paul.
  16. and what does one expect? the children, and their capacity to learn is directly proportional to the working conditions with which these teachers apply their craft.
    it is incredibly hard to play cricket effectively without a ball. there has only ever been ONE side of politics that has ever even been remotely close to providing the education system with fair and adequate resources across the board that children and teachers alike require to facilitate teaching and learning.
    i am not pro-teacher, i am pro-knowledge.
  17. from melbourne's most left of centre newspaper http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...-climate-change/2007/08/08/1186530447250.html

    looks like the kid took a few shots at him which were a bit beyond the scope of the talk.

    in all honesty, i couldnt care less what the kid asked him, or if he took a shot at him. i'd just like to see a politician reply with a bit of wit for once. like when they get mobbed by the chaser boys. the only one who takes the piss out of them a bit is malcom turnbull, the only pollie with any cahones as far as being picked on the by the chaser, or by anyone else. the rest all just give washy, weak minded, feeble political bull answers, from both sides of politics.
  18. all mr downer did was further question his credibility, to an audience that is currently by and large sitting on the fence. i put $5 on the fact that he wishes he had that few minutes of time over again.....
    the student however, will only ever be a face. no credibility at stake :!:
  19. :shock:
    The students I know are doing very well thinking for themselves even amidst dismissive men who dont trust in them. I'm more concerned with the reaction to questions , no matter what their source, asked of a mature man by a 17 year old boy. Its not how I'd expect a man to talk to children , except perhaps one cut off from the realities of actually being one. Its not how my Father would have spoken to anyone that age, but then he was a man in the finest sense of the word.
  20. +1 I'm more concerned about the "bully boy" reaction by little Alex. The issue is largely moot, the way it was handled is not. And having seen him interviewed (live) he really is like that!