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N/A | National Letter text for your use

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tas man, May 21, 2012.

  1. One of the members here has asked me to put a few words together which he can use in a letter to his local Member of Parliament to voice concern about the apparent way in which motorcyclists are being portrayed in various ways at the moment. Example being the TAC advertisement which raises much ire... I'm more than happy to help out where I can.

    It was suggested that other members may wish to use the text in a letter to their local member as well.

    In order to ensure I capture the concerns of the members here, I thought it best to open a thread to collect your thoughts.

    I'm after some very specific information, in a very specific format. Please take the time to think about what you would like included, and I promise to do my best to come up with something that will help achieve a good result for motorcyclists.

    Something I will state very clearly up front - I will not include anything which appears as though it excuses a motorcyclist from breaking any law as it currently stands. If laws need to be changed, all well and good but that is another campaign. If we want to be treated equally, we have to be seen as behaving responsibly and worthy of equal treatment.

    To those with helmet cams - please get them running. Collect footage. Don't post it on YouTube however - keep it aside and just acknowledge that you have something. When the time comes, email the footage to your local member and the local paper, tv station along with a copy of your letter. In context, information is very valuable. Out of context, information is not so useful...

    So - over to you. What do you want me to discuss in the open letter?

    At this stage I have the following points:

    - recent crash between motorcyclist and CRV where police officer determined motorcyclist at fault when vehicle crossed in front of their path (I need the officers name, the date of incident, date of broadcast etc if someone has it please)

    - TAC campaign showing motorcyclist at fault for speeding, but mentions nothing about the fault of driver for pulling out into traffic in an unsafe manner

    What I need are specifics to discuss. I can't use "we're treated unfairly" because that is an opinion, not a fact. I need facts, specific examples of where you feel you were treated differently as a motorcyclist compared to a car driver.
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  2. Tas Man,

    Thank you for doing this; my example.

    My 4 and a half year old daughter saw the ad and became extremely upset and started crying that I was going to die riding the bike.This happened as the Ad was screened before 9pm and there was no warning about what was coming up. This happened because the recorded episode of Play School she was watching finished and the recorder flicked back to normal TV.

    What really got to me was that the TAC where allowed to screen this Ad in a time slot where there was a chance that my daughter and no doubt other young children saw a very graphic Ad resulting in a death. She is not old enough to grasp the fact that these things are not real as yet.

    I have made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Board about the Ad in the first days of it being released because of this. Yet despite my complaint being accepted and the scheduled to be heard by the Board the Ad has continued to play.

    Not sure how you put this into a general letter other than example of how the TAC removed a parents choice into how graphic the TV their children should see should be. My reasonable expectation was that she would not be exposed to vision depicting death on commercial TV before 9pm.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. Hi,

    To help with some of your other info.

    Accident happened on 15th May at approx 9.20pm
    Officer was Martin Tynan from Mornington Police Station
    Broadcast on Channel 10; I do not know the exact time but it was at the sceen of teh crash on the night of the crash.

    Cheers Jeremy

    Too Slow, well done blacke
  4. Personally I would take out the bit about it happening due to play school finishing. I wouldn't read past there. Screams of parents complaining because nanny tv didn't work. The bit about it screening before 9:30 is good though.
  5. Hi Aly,

    Do not agree but perhaps I should put it in context for Tas Man.

    We have dinner together at the table at about 7pm ish depending on the night it might be 7.30. So usually clearing the table and stacking the dishwasher sometimes around 7.30/8.00. While we are doing that my daughter sits on the couch and has her milk before cleaning her teeth and going to bed for story time. So as a treat she gets to watch a Play School as her last show for the day (TV off during Dinner). When the show ends the Recorder puts the TV on, normally at that time it is something funny on the channels we watch such as Big Bang Theory or of course currently any number of talent shows. My expectation is that if the recorder happens to finish while I am putting the rubbish out or getting her PJs ready that she should not have to see someone die.

    Sorry to go on but it has really made me angry.

    Cheers Jeremy
  6. It's your letter so do what you like. Just remember that most letters tend to not be read fully so you need to get your first and most important point across quickly. In my opinion you are wasting valuable time explaining how it happened. I'm a fellow rider and I still got distracted from your message
  7. Actually Aly if you write to the Bureaucracy you should expect that it will be read and that you get a response that adresses it properly.

    Chances are that you may in the first instance get a "standard" reply, but if that doesn't adress the issue you raise, you should write again pointing that out and demanding that the issues are addressed.

    To help ensure this happens, I always ensure that I ask some questions and if they are not answered demand to know why. Examples of the question in relation to the TAC ad could be whether TAC thinks that the driver had a responsibility to look for bikes, and how the ad contributes to reducing the actual cause of the crash, that is the drivers failure to look.

    Your local MP will simply act as a post box, and pass your letter to the responsible Minister, who in turn will refer it to the bureacrats for an answer and once answere it will flow back through the chain. However such letters are taken very seriously by the bureacrats and they have to pass info to their political masters and they do not want that to go badly. So it can be a very effective way to get the bureacrats attention. At the same time if enough people go through their local MPs it raises the profile of the issue in their eyes.

    Also if the local MP is a Opposition Member they are looking at ways to hang cr@p on the government and will attempt to hold the Minister responsible for the bureacrats suff ups. Again a potential way to bring things to wider attention.
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  8. I am the one to ask Tasman's help for this letter.

    I am crap at it, And admit it, But we need this letter to get the ball rolling,

    If we dont start some where and I mean now, This Tac Crap will just keep going round in circles as it usually does.

    And it will finish up burying us, And they are doing a Marvellous job of it at present,

    So please, no arguments on here, there are enough arguments in other posts that you can argue on,

    Give Tasman some thing he can put on paper for us to flood the MP's with,

    I will post the letter to my Local MP's and council, who just happen to cover the Spurs and Kinglake area's as well,

    I am a rate payer here and Resident, I am also a Business owner here as well.

    So they really cant afford to just shrug me off.

    Especially if they receive it on my official Company letter head.

    I will also post it on my International Bike sites, and it could just make the TAC the laughing stock world wide,

    Its already happening, world wide,

    You are helping your self and the riding community at large by supporting this letter Being drafted.

    So help. Dont Hinder.

    It does not matter if the letter is the same, But if they get 200,000 of them, Signed with a name and address on them,

    They will sit up and take notice,

    This letter is not a petition,

    Its a demand that some thing be done, For the Safety of Motorcyclists in Victoria.

    TAC has already stated that it is allright to kill a motor cyclist, Their ad proves that,

    That case law that states, If you cant see a motorcyclist, You dont have to give way, Even when they are 100 percent at fault,

    This law needs to be repealed immediately, and the loop hole closed tite.

    So help Anthony draw up this letter.

    You political Guru's, here's your chance, do some thing constructive with it, Not shit can it,

    We need help to construct this letter with good advice that the MP's will take notice off.

    Thank you,

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  9. The other important thing is to personalise your letter to make it indicivdual. If everyone writes the same letter you shouldn't be surprised if everyone gets the same response.
  10. Operative word.

    Look write what you want. It was just my opinion based on a couple particular ministers officers that my friends work in.
  11. I agree "should" is the operative word and I also went on to suggest what to do if it doesn't happen.

    Bureaucrats are good with obfuscating, brush off lettters and avoiding the real issue if it is uncomfortable for them. But most people accept that instead of pushing further and don't follow up if they get a brush off. If they do follow up and point out an obvious brush off or failure to answer questions, it embarrasses even further.

    Also bureacrats are not comfortable with Ministerial replies. It tends to put the fox in the chicken house. Like most of us they want a quiet life getting on with their own work and the last thing they want is someone looking over their shoulder scruitinising what they do.

    Bottom line, you are entitled to a proper response, you should expect to get it. As you imply, you may not in the first instance but if you let it rest there and settle for that, then that is up to you.

    And if we are going to play the letter writing game, we need to play it well and not stop half way through the game.
  12. Looks pretty accurate to me.