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Letter of resignation.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Would it be wrong to use the phrases "your organisation sucks", "mislead during interview","work practices inefficient, outdated and caused me to pull my hair out on numerous occasions", "promised a position I never actually got to work in" in such a letter?

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. Depends, do you need a referee?
  3. For Sure. :grin:
  4. Reference? Pfft! From that place? I would be laughed at!
    No, I'll just write this one out of teh resume I think......

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Don't need a reference ? Then eat them alive dude.

    You could also 'accidentally' email your resignation to the entire company (including the client email list) instead of just the directors... :twisted:
  6. Always a good idea of never burning bridges.

    It will one day come around and bite you on the bottom

    Better to just leave and then forget about them.
  7. If this one's getting written off the resume..... be really really seriously nice about it... then organise on the last day (after you've been paid your 2 weeks etc), some going away drinks. Upon loosening up with a few... say, guys I just want to say, it's been great working with you, and [bosses name], thanks for the inspiration you've been for me to, well, how do i put this? tell you to go fk yourself!
  8. I was in such a position in the last job. I got references from those that new or even understood the crap that was forcing my hand in leaving. The references came from a director, the HR manager and district office managers.

    I wrote polite, but scathing letters to all directors, inc managing director, that explained the problem, inc statements from previous employees who left for very similar reasons.

    I then told my immediate boss, the idiot causing all the problems, that he should "have more practice in being a hermaphrodite" ie, he should go f#@k himself.

    No burnt bridges, heaps of referees to fall back on, and a great sense of well being :grin:

    Cover your arse, but go for it!!!

  9. Probably the sanest comment in this thread.

    To the OP, if you're leaving, if you have a job to go to afterwards, you may or may not be in a position to let fly. However, if you're walking out and into unemployment, then if a prospective employer decides to call your old employer for a reference, if you get whoever it is you piss off, then it may scuttle your chances.

    Just write your letter of resignation, stating the bare facts - that you're moving on and that you've appreciated your time there or something like that. You do not have to give a reason as to why you're resigning. Just that you are and the effective date.
  10. Hi Typhoon

    Have you discussed this with your employer? Is it a large company?

    Very hard to work in a small business when you are expected to do numerous tasks. That is why I always have as the last point in any job descrption I sign "other tasks as necessary to ensure the smooth running of the business" - sort of covers a few angles.

    If you aren't enjoying the job leave, but I'd never burn bridges for the sake of feeling good.
  11. I agree about not burning bridges.

    You may not want to work for that company again but in a couple of years time when you apply for a really great job somewhere, you're going to feel pretty silly when you walk into the interview and find someone you comprehensively insulted sitting on the other side of the table.

    Be professional about it, and chalk the whole thing up to experience.
  12. Yep resigned from one company, had a shot at the MD and then the new company I worked for bought the old one :shock: Lucky for me the new company sacked the MD. :LOL: :LOL:
  13. A guy at my work (Canberra office of a (now multi-) national company inadvertently did something similar. Sent an email (not quitting) complaining about the shite condition of all our gear and sent it to the email group "Canberra"...which happened to include basically every higher-up in head office, and quite a few of the other offices... :oops:
  14. Large companies have a tendency to play musical chairs with directors and managers. Be careful you don't find yourself working for one of them some time in the future...
  15. Similar thing where I work. A lad receives a joke email, as we all do. He was on a PC that was logged in under another guy's email. The guy was watching him read the email. He asked if he could forward to his own address and to a couple of the lads. Yep, go for it. Now, the program, Lotus Notes, allows you to autofill commonly used email addresses. He enters in his and a couple of others. Just as he clicked "Send" he noticed that it went to an "Asia Pacific" mailing list, on it were the VP Operations, SE Asia, and the CEO of the company in the US.

    Boy, was he in the poo....

    Didn't lose his job, but forfeited two years' pay rises.
  16. What is this "pay rise" thing you speak of? :?
  17. pay rise


    paid to the arsholes on top so they can shit on us below more easily.

  18. Well, I handed i my notice last week...my job had been getting more and more mind dumbingly boring (I work in accounts - its kinda expected) but the boss started suddenly treating me like I was stupid...

    I was professional in my resignation and thanked him for the opportunity blah blah blah...he was quite gracious to my face and said i was making the right decision for a positive career path...ok i thought, that wasnt too bad..

    Then, he started ignoring me...and questionning everything I did and also talking about me to other staff members - which filtered back that he'd said i didnt know the difference between a debit and a credit...ok I thought...just let it lie...I know that I needed to be stretched and this job wasnt doing it - and luckily for me I have what hopefully will be a fantastic new job...while he wants someone brain dead he can push around - never gonna happen with me...

    He also told me that he thought my tongue stud was unprofessional, and that no-one would ever take anything I ever said seriously - that was if they could understand me in the first place :shock: - I also decided to let that one lie...

    The boss suddenly announced that he was taking two weeks annual leave - so luckily for me the atmosphere for my last two weeks will be ok, but I went into his office on his last day before his leave and once again said thanks - he once again was gracious to my face...and I've resigned myself to the fact that I wont be able to tell him to go fcuk himself...but I left feeling happy that I need ever ever again in my life work for the sad fcuker...I've changed industry - and there is no chance i need ever cross his path again...
  19. I've burnt bridges before, no problems there! Just have to decide which bridges you are never going to cross again.
    Typically, insignificant bosses working for insignificant companies don't get much of a chance to have a say in anything much, and my "experience" in this job will never find it's way into my resume, so all is good! Besides, the company I am leaving will not exist in it's current form after about June, it will either go belly up, merge or be bought out.
    I have a few brilliant references, never needed any more than that!
    I also have another much more exciting job to go to, which is closer to home, and pays a lot better.
    I am just very annoyed that yet again, an employer has decided to flat out lie in an interview, and tell me a job will be something completely different to what it is.

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. If you already have another job lined up - I wouldnt have any major problem in having a chat with them - or putting in writing what they did wrong in your opinion...it may be something that they need to know for the future - or it might be a bit of paper that they put straight in the bin - but at least you'll have got it off your chest - and they might think a bit clearer before lying and losing staff (it costs a helluva lot of money to recruit someone...more than people probably think) and they might change their ways in the future...it wont help you in how you had to work with them - but it might give them something to think about...

    Either way...no skin off your nose... :grin: