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Letter of demand

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. peoples, how would i go about getting a letter of demand written up?
    what are the costs? and how is payment received?

  2. See a lawyer/solicitor or have a search on google for DIY solutions.

  3. Do it yourself. I am sure I can find one if you need. You dont need to get a lawyer involved unless the letter of demand is ignored.
  4. Yeah, any solicitor will do you one. Not sure about price though...
  5. My approach has always been to point out that furthur action will involve a lawyer and the costs will go up.
  6. I did one back in uni. I think it was pretty basic. std letter format with address's etc. then explained location, time, vehicles rego, breif descritpion, persons etc. Then stated that they were at fault and requested (demanded?) that they fix or repair my car to a std that it was before the accident. They just send to their insurance company normally.

    Note thats what i can remember, could be all wrong...
  7. Depending on how much it's for... Give us a ball park figure of the amont and is it a person or a company..... All important factors when writing a letter.
  8. Contact the following for quick free advice. PM me if a prob, I can supply other contacts

    Look in the phone book (I'm at work so haven't got my phone listings here):-
    Eastern Suburbs Detective Agency.

    Don't be put off by the name.

    Ann is a lovely person and will help you out. You will get free quotes etc.
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  10. Hi AL9
    yeap as someone said it depends on how much money your claiming.
    obviously the more it is the more i'd lean towards visiting a lawyer.
    having said that, i have a preference to trying things yourself first. just draft it up as best you can and get someone to have a look at it (either a lawyer friend or someone in the know).
    Keep it nice and formal. Stick to the facts. Dont blab on more than you have to.
    I did a business law minor at Uni so that wont be much help to you :) but you shouldnt have too much trouble.

    1st step - letter stating that you have quotes (or whatever) and this is the amount owing. and that if payment is not received within 14 days you'll have to take legal action.

    2nd step - if above doesnt work, after say 18/19 days i'd send another letter with a big heading at the top saying "FINAL DEMAND NOTICE" and list the amounts again and say that if arrangements are not made to make payment within 72hrs you will issue a writ against them.