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Letter I wrote to iinet...... they got mad :(

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. To whomever reads this first,

    Please don't take this letter personally, as I am sure (a) you are not responsible for these issues & (b) probably not paid enough to deal with them.
    Please pass this on to the appropriate manager or supervisor.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have tried so hard to find an ISP whose uselessness could rival Optus.
    I would like to extend my thanks as my journey seems to have finally come to an end.

    Not only were your technical team unable to help me by supplying a modem driver which was supplied by your company, a task I would assume, should be relatively simple for somebody in their position, it took them 15mins and 30 odd secs to answer the phone and tell me that… I suspect that the latest episode of Star Trek had just been released and the office was evacuated. That’s OK; I was able to sort out that problem myself… Thanks anyway!

    Today I found out that your wonderful, customer focused organisation had double charged me for the month of December… Thanks!... Excuse me while I go to the chemist and get some more lube.
    Once again I tried to call your highly regarded company… silly me… Why would anybody answer the phone?
    I tried to call your billing department twice, once during the day and once during the evening but both times was met with your infuriating robot woman for more than 10 minutes each time.
    I now know how to “power cycle” my modem… WHO GIVES A TOSS?… REALLY?
    Why don’t you have robot woman explain why your company is double charging people and not answering the phones. Sales figures perhaps?

    Again trying to seek answers regarding the mysterious system “glitch” that
    ”accidentally” doubled charged me.
    Robot woman is still explaining power cycling, thanks for the refresher course.
    Finally after a 17 minute delay someone finally picks up and immediately hangs up.
    At least Telstra and Optus have useless staff that are capable of picking up the phone and saying hello.
    Your company doesn’t even know HOW to pick up the phone let alone have conversations with words that have more than two syllables.
    Second call today…. 11 minutes and still unable to pick the phone.
    Are your managers dropped off in the Morning by a Blue Bus?
    Are they unable to see the need for more staff?
    I pity all the working staff at iinet for being put under these conditions, I suspect that the most lowly ranked staff employed there has more knowledge about the fundamentals of running a business.
    I would encourage them all to abandon ship before their name & resume are both tarnished by “iinet”.

    Please just credit my account for the $59.95 that you have double charged me. I highly suspect that I will be switching ISP’s in the near future.

    In closing I will say it is unfortunate, as your ADSL connection has very minimal dropouts and although a lower speed than everyone else, has only ever had 1 outage.
    If you could only manage the personal side of the business, you would have an ISP a cut above the rest.

    Please feel free to contact me on 0410 644 759 in relation to any of the above mentioned issues.

    Trev Li Donni
  2. What was their reply?
  3. As I work for one of the big two, I love it :rofl:

    No not harsh at all, if they don't react well to that change providers when your contract ends. Thats why we have them :grin:
  4. reply!! gimme gimme :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Tell me about it!! We've got Iinet at work. 3 phone call to them the other day, was on hold for over an hour by the end...
  6. Screw waiting for the contract to end.
    Send them a letter identifying that you expect a letter identifying the termination of the contract with no penalty to yourself or they will be reciving the next letter from your lawer in regards to recieving payment while not providing the contracted service.
  7. Will post it later, it's in an email folder at home.

    It consisted of something like
    "we understand your frustration but can you please refrain from being so provacative and please keep your emails on a professional level"..... then they went on to tell me I was wrong. ..... Farkheads!!!! Not a happy camper.

    What a complete toss.
  8. i had exactly the same problem with iiNet about 2 years ago.
    they have the worst customer service (yes even worse than Telstra).

    Eventually i sent a letter to them stating that I was trying to run a business and the constant problems were not acceptable and i would be taking my business somewhere else.

    Their reply was basically "well your contracted to us so you still have to pay for the service".

    I replied to that by saying "SERVICE......WHAT BLOODY SERVICE....i will not continue paying for a service that is sub standard. You have had many opportunities to rectify the problems and you have done nothing. I am taking my business to someone else, and there is no chance at all that i will continue paying iinet."

    They then contacted me saying that if i didnt meet my payment obligations for the remainder of my contract period they would be forced to take legal action against my company.

    My response was "go ahead. They only way you are going to get any money from me is by sueing me. Oh and by the way i have reported your company to the Ombudsman and the ACCC."

    I never heard another thing from them.

    Now i have great internet service from a competitor.

    Happy Days.
  9. I'm not on contract, I dont think? I just cant be bothered paying another 300 bucks when I have to get another "technician" to insert his genitals in the relay box, or whatever it is he does. :-(
  10. Why wait til the end of the contract???
    I'd be switching now....bugger them, Im sure they have failed to live up to their end of the bargain...so why wait and let them continue to rob you of your hard earned $$$$...surely you can get out of the contract if you have proof of "lack of service"...I may be wrong, just seems all the rules are in their favour!Time to turn the tables...send them back the modem and be done with it!
  11. My main issue with iinet is that they signed me up on their mega he-man fast 1.5mb connection, which runs according to various tests about as quick as a 256... WTF is wrong with it?
  12. I don't think anyone takes that much sarcasm too well.

    If you listed your grievances in a respectable manner then they may have replied in a better mood.

    Although at least your letter gained their attention!
  13. Well yeah, I guess the question is too harsh for what?

    If you wanted to get a useful response, then (duh) that letter won't help you one bit. In fact if anything, they'll do whatever the ISP equivalent of pissing in your soup and loogying in your burger is.

    If all you wanted to achieve was to piss people off and generally have a good hard whinge, I'd say it's just about harsh enough.
  14. Agreed..... but in all honesty, I don't give 2 barker eggs about their feelings.

    I'm on a 1.5m which is complete turds and runs super super slow.
    I suspect everyone has this issue and is trying to call them to fix it causing huge delays.

    I genuinely feel sorry for the staff their, thats why I pointed out that the letter was not directed at them, more the playschool management.
  15. I wouldn't have a problem humiliating the ISP, but I'd NEVER do it to a waiter in a resteraunt...

    I'd imagine he'd spit in my soup... I would.
  16. I never really expected them to fix, or help in anyway. Thats for certain... tossers.
  17. Yes, I suppose the least they could've done is only charge you for a 256 k plan. To continue invoicing you for 1.5 M b is just asking for trouble.
  18. I'm quite pissed at IINET at the moment myself. We recently moved house. A week before we moved we arranged the change of residence with IINET as we don't have a phone with telstra at all. Two weeks after we've moved and the line was sposed to be connected we still don't have phone or internet.
  19. The other day I had a problem on the Eftel system.

    While I did have to wait about 10 min, the bloke who handled the problem could not have been better.

    I got onto him about 9.25am and hung up about 11.55am.

    At no stage did he get frustrated or anything.

    Our network refused to go to adsl automatically with the disk supplied, but in the end we got it. Some of the problem was a 47 packet loss. Turns out that was caused by another tech fitting a filter backwards on the fax.

    Can recommend them on that basis.

    At home I am with Primus and while everything else is ok, if you dont use one of their modems they cannot help. They admit the one they sold me was a bomb, they would only SELL me a new one that they say is good. Seeing they said that about the one I got, I don't believe them.
  20. Funny that.

    A guy i know had major issues with iinet...... after a few months ad still no connection(ther charged him for it though) he withdrew from the contract and got all his money back..... ACCC helped i think... turned out it was Telstra who was not conecting the ADLS or something. So iinet sued them for loss of business etc.

    I noticed in your original post you mentioned Optus as useless. Everyone is allowed their opinion but i've only ever had positive experiences with them (ok my phone bill got lost for a month or so after we moved) longest i've been on hold was about 4-5 minutes i think... any any issues have been resolved with a day or less.....either you got a bad deal or I got the customer service person of the year :)

    hope your luck improves with your next ISP.