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VIC Letter from Vic Police - Motorcycle Thefts in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Endo C, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. #1 Endo C, Jul 1, 2015
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    Just got this email today. Another reminder to be careful where and how you park as I'm sure most know, thieves are now just lifting bikes off the ground and throwing them into the back of vans. The link has decent but well known information, and I apologise in advance if this information is old.


    My name is Glenn McFarlane and I am a Crime Prevention Officer with Victoria Police in Melbourne.

    I have been designated by my divisional management command to raise awareness of an increase in motorcycle thefts in Melbourne.

    These thefts are occurring on the street, in residential apartment car parks, business building car parks and commercial car parks.

    A common trend is for offenders to use a van or a sedan with a trailer attached.

    The offenders drive up to the motorcycle, lift it up, put it in the van or trailer and drive off negating most common security measures.

    In conjunction with the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, we have updated the content of their motorcycle theft reduction brochure titled ‘Wish You’d Secured Your Motorcycle’ which is accessible on at ‘
    www.protectyourbike.com.au ‘.

    We request that you disseminate this information and the above brochure with the motorcycle safety tips and theft facts to your members.

    Glenn McFarlane | Leading Senior Constable 26493
    Crime Prevention Officer | Melbourne & YarraNorth West Metro Region Division One

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  2. Thanks for posting that, I wonder if we are better off parking on the street than in these "secure" carparks...
  3. Nice, the map on that site is pretty useful
  4. "Use a motorcycle cover to conceal your bike"

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  5. Glad you posted that up. I was about to.

    Endo, mind me asking what organisation you are a part of to have received that email today?
  6. So if they're picking the bike up and carrying it, that effectively negates any standard lock on it - leaving only chaining it to something as the last option (if something's available to chain it to).

    I guess another option could be to park in locations where it would be difficult to get a vehicle with a trailer nearby - if the opportunity presents itself - but how often is that available?

    Even better would be a sting operation to catch these mongrels, and put them where they belong, but alas it seems to be an increasing trend for the law abiding citizen being expected to change their way, rather than to combat the issue head on.
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  7. I agree with that, but really, what are the chances of this fishing operation catching anyone? I know lot's of bikes get stolen, but how long would the police need to sit their with the bait dangling on the hook? Not the best use of police resources imo.
  8. Hey Rob,

    Heli got one too. He sent out an email to the BMW club members (I'm a member).
  9. My first thought was "Scam" of the click bait type. Has anyone clicked on that link and lived to tell the tale? (Serious question). Or are they offline 'cause they haven't mined enough bitcoins for cryptolocker ransom(back to normal). That "traffic Infringement from Federal Police" resurfaced about a month back (serious again).
  10. Al It's a legit site.

    Grey, Vicpol have sent it through to every live motorcycle email address they could find. Vicpol got in touch with us though and we bounced around a couple of ideas about how the message could get out even more widely. There should be something on their facebook page shortly if not already.
  11. ajrider - That's why I don't bother with a disc lock. The place I park is not accessible by car (I can barley get through with my top box) and I lean it next to office windows that are mirrored so you can't tell if someone is looking at you. If you don't have that luxury there's not much you can do. What I will do from now on is if I see someone suspicious loading a motorcycle into a van just ask them about the bike, and deduce if it's actually theirs and call the cops (don't try to apprehend them yourselves).

    Al_Cam - I'm still alive, don't worry its not a message from Skynet =D

    robsalvv - Thanks, PM sent.
  12. Don't discount a disk lock, it won't stop the pickup and stash crims, but bikes still get stolen by being rolled away.
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  13. Oh That's O.K. then. You sound more trustworthy than that big naked dude who just took all my clothes.
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  14. skateboard resolves that particular issue, if you can splash get one with an alarm, and be prepared for false alarms, better yet, hard wire an old iphone with a yearly sim somewhere out of sight. Find my iphone is cheaper than most gps tracking... I know someone who has done this for a car.
  15. My lovely lady was with me when I was buying the bike (aka the treasurer) when she saw the piddly little thing that a disk lock turned out to be she said "Maybe you should get an alarm fitted." I said I was planning to park my ride-away $3,500 150cc single at work amongst drool machines like R1s, Streetfighters & Victories (Even had a bloke on one of the new Indians one day & just once a Diavel). The salesman said “They’re not going to steal his bike”.
  16. Normally I'd agree with you, but considering that resources are currently used for things such as booking people doing a couple of kph over the limit, or 'educating' interstate riders who ride to Phillip Island, etc - I think this might be a better use of their resources compared to the status quoe in comparison. ;)
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  17. Looks pretty straight up to me:
    Domain Name:  protectyourbike.com.au 
    Last Modified:  18-Aug-2014 01:02:54 UTC 
    Status: ok 
    Registrar Name: AussieHQ Pty Ltd 
    Registrant: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council 
    Registrant ID:  ABN 45859804389 
    Eligibility Type: Incorporated Association 
    Eligibility Name: National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council 
    Registrant Contact ID:  AHQ1BPVUVKX77 
    Registrant Contact Name:  Christine Pejic 
    Registrant Contact Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs 
    Tech Contact ID:  AHQ1BPVUVKX77 
    Tech Contact Name:  Christine Pejic 
    Tech Contact Email: Visit whois.ausregistry.com.au for Web based WhoIs 
    Name Server:  ns1.sau.net.au 
    Name Server IP: 
    Name Server IP: 2400:d400:9898:1000:0:0:0:1001 
    Name Server:  ns2.sau.net.au 
    Name Server IP: 
    Name Server IP: 2a01:7e00:0:0:f03c:91ff:fedf:629c 
  18. A more interesting search would be for AussieHQ Pty Ltd which might indicate a location in the ACT and an active ABN 19112045002 which indicates an entity named UBER GLOBAL Pty Ltd ...

    How curious ...
  19. That wasn't a "search"

    But I'm glad you've cherry picked information which excites you.

    In case you missed it. The info you've listed is the company which HOSTS the site.
    That's not the important part.
  20. Did he look like Arnold Schwarzenegger ?