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letter from the herald

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I wish I'd written it myself....

    Displaying a breathtaking lack of shame, Coalition sources are apparently worried that unless MPs' superannuation is increased to 15 per cent it is going to become harder to attract talented people to politics and those that it does manage to attract are likely to be more partial to a bribe. Don't make me laugh.

    Perhaps defence lawyers could start using some of the same reasoning: "Well, Your Honour, my client is very sorry for conducting the armed robbery but his super contribution is only 9 per cent, you know."

    As for attracting talented people, in a political system where a person like Alexander Downer can rise to the top instead of collecting trolleys in a supermarket car park, I would say that horse bolted long ago.

    Clive Barratt Birchgrove

  2. Which supermarket car park is Clive Barratt collecting trolleys?

    I can tell him about a trolley-collection contract on a new supermarket.
  3. Let's see

    Alexander Downer is a third generation career politician; both his father and his grandfather served as ministers in previous governments. He was educated at Radley College, Newcastle-on-tyne, and has served as Australia's Foreign Minister for ten years..

    I would guess you would prefer the likes of Gareth Gareth Evans, who spent his whole 'career' grovelling to the corrupt Indonesian regime and seeking (thankfully unsuccessfully), to become head of the United Nations?

    But, hey, let's not let logic and commonsense get in the way of a good left-wing beat up, eh? What else would you expect from the Australian Press Gallery?
  4. I know a few highly talented people who looked at going into politics.

    They were looking at over a 70% pay cut.

    The Prime Minster makes what, $300k a year?

    Considering he has the exact same skills, and probably more to make a good CEO, who would make in excess of $3-5 million a year.

    Same job security, same golden handshake at the end.
  5. ah huh..

    when a member resigns from paliament they get a 1 million dollar pension pa.

    there are people who work hard and get no where. members dont work that $$$ hard.

    i dont think downers that bad but there's probably something i haven't heard about yet. the email is about how ridiculous their excuses are for giving themselves such unrealistic pay increases.

    im not right or left, i think they both suck.
  6. whoops, prime minister not member
  7. Jax, I think if a politican puts his mind to it, whatever his persuasion, it can be an all-consuming job, and extremely hard work. You only have to look at pictures of Bob Hawke, for example, before he became PM, and after, to see that he aged many more years than the total of years he was in the top job!

    I agree their super scheme is generous, perhaps overly so, but many of them would earn millions per year in the private sector, and draw much more than that in retirement benefits when they left.

    But if making the package attractive helps attract people who are already successful in business and private life, so they can bring some real skills to the parliaments, instead of just party rhetoric or trade union mantras, that can't be a bad thing, surely?
  8. sol Truli gets 30 mil (a year?) at telstra

    he got a $US72 million (almost a hundred mill in our money) golden handshake (plus fax machine) from US West.

    1 million a year is peanuts when it comes to big business. It might annoy the hell out of you but it is something important to consider.
  9. No, they don't.


    They get a very nice pension (esp for not having to work), but it ain't millions.

    Public servants pensions are much sweeter.
  10. Thing is, we are a capitalist society. Talent & skill & hard work is rewarded, not just hard work.

    If everyone was just paid the same hourly rate, how many people would actually try?
  11. I don't buy comparing politicians and governing to corporations and CEO's.
    How many CEO's have to work the same position more than a couple of years, before being asked to leave, or jumping ship? If they are truly great at what they do, or believed in what they did, they'd be asked to stay around. Any fool can come in and slash jobs/ production costs, and piss off before the place falls down due to staff cuts..........
    Government is not a corporation, and I feel the main reason modern government does not properly serve the people it represents is this modern "user pays" corporate governing mantra.
    I especially do not believe government should be out to turn a large profit from the people it represents, as is happening at the moment. It should cover costs, with some left over. It's called a budget, and we all have to live by one.
    I also think that important portfolios like energy, military, should not be directed by a minister, but an impartial person, someone who will be there long term, with a vision on how to do it properly, and a legal obligation to do the right thing. Someone who KNOWS the portfolio!
    Of course, none of that will ever happen!
    I'm sorry, but ministers just don't put in the hours of CEO's, and I think teh analogy is flawed. Perhaps it is ministers talking themselves up......
    What do they work, a 5 month sitting year, at 9am to 3pm or similar?
    Most of them are chairmen/board members on teh side for several corporations, and earn a significant income from this as well. I think they are well enough compensated for teh job they do thanks.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. oh people! pleeeaaase! [except typhoon, u state a good case]

    sure ceos work hard but there are those who bankrupt the company on their way out. have you noticed telstra share holders are loosing out?

    these people are not little gods. they're not super talented to the degree that there is a shortage of those who can do the job. there is a shortage of honest decient people who work in high places. [im reffering to parliment also]

    who wants heaps o money? who wants to help people?

    i dont like the idea of people who are so bent on $$ haveing the abiltiy to give themselves pay rises. if what they really wanted was society to gain as much resorce as possible, they wouldnt have the disability carers allowance.

    they stripped down legal aid who help people like me from claiming $4000 disbersment fee to pay my lawyer that is a result of the crash the the NRMA has no obligation to pay. [i had to pay that out o my own pocket because i was hit by a van. im a disabled pensioner!]

    theres a man up the road from me who has worked in a fish shop for 32 years. that's hard work. that's who i was thinking of when i said 'they dont work that $$$ hard. no i'm not a capitilist.

    those who really care about people don't care that much about material things. heaps o $$$$ attracts the wrong kind o person. people who are more likely to accept bribes.
  13. i made a typo. the 5th paragraph is supose to say that they CANCELLED the disability cares allowance
  14. I think you simplify beyond what is reasonable, in all of your arguments here. yes the shares of telstra are going down. the real question is why were they so high in a company that had dwindling market share?. The company has been screaming for proper restructuring as the market opens out.

    frankly we do have talented politicians - not all of them (by a long shot) - , the australian boom economy has been a testiment to that. Peter costello, ironically despised in australia, is regarded with awe around the world for his ability to guide the Aussie economy through what shouold have been a major downturn for us (compare that to when howard was treasurer :LOL: - though i know nothing of world factors then). we're just happy ot have an economy that pretty much provides full employment (yeh yeh massaged figures - but no more massaged than when we didn't have full employment)

    i don't doubt the fish and chipper works his absolute ass off. but his work is essentially unskilled. give anyone a couple of months training and they'd be running the store just as well..

    a booming economy provides the capacity to undertake socialist agendas. germany is a great example of this. especially given the poor state of their economy now... yet they remain locked on these agenas wihtout the true economic ability to do so - further stalling the economy (man you should hear my german ex-flatmate rant) further denting their capacity to achieve their states social plans.
    Is intent more important than execution?

    somebody having lots of money, or even just plain wanting money is not a good indicator of personal integrity. at last count the "evil capatalist pig" bill gates is $8billion dollars ahead of me in charitable donations. oh and then there are his mates the second and third richest men in the world, which make me an embarrasing $64billion dollars in arrears on my donations.
    gates built his empire with the intent of socialist outcomes. funny expecially since the favourite geek putdown of Microsoft is M$.

  15. you are a long way off the mark.

    to respond i would have to make points on almost everything you said and i couldnt be bothered. i dont think you're understanding the meaning of this discussion. i dont mean to offend you.
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