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Letter From Suzuki

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. " Dear Suzuki Owner

    Our records show that you are the owner of the above mentioned Suzuki GSXR 1000 motorcycle which has been identified as requiring a safety improvement campaign.

    Suzuki motor corporation has received reports of cracking or breakage of the motorcycle frame in certain extreme situations where unusually high stresses were placed on the frame, such as collisions involving the front wheel / front fork assembly.

    Suzuki motor corporation has also recieved reports of cracking or breakage of the frame behind and below the steering head tube when the motorcycle is subjected to repeated hard landings from hazardous manouvers such as extreme or extended wheelies or stunts..." Yada Yada Yada, They go on to say its fine if you just ride the thing and don't do anything illegal or crash.

    But, I'm the third owner of the bike so i just don't know what been done to it.

    They say "The Dealer will inspect the relevant areas of the motorcycle frame for cracks as shown on the illustration attached (sorry cant include it, but its on the bottom side of the frame just below and behind the air intake cut-outs) If no cracks are found a frame reinforcement brace will be attached to the frame using bolts and epoxy adhesive. The brace itself is light weight and is made from aluminium, weighing less then 1kg, and being slender it fits underneith the spars of the frame behind and below the steering head tube. The appearance, performance and handling of your suzuki motorcycle will remain unchanged..."

    They also say that if its cracked the frame will be replaced and then go under a 5 year warranty with the new braced installed on the new frame, all this is free of charge but your without you bike for the time it takes the Suzuki dealer to check and fit brace or check and replace frame and fit brace.

    What a pain in the arse, its my only mode of transport at the moment and i need to get it checked because as i said i don't know what the previous owners have treated it like.

    Btw it's the 05-06 model. no idea if they have the same issue with other models and only send me the letter with my model shown.

    I'm not pissed as Suzuki the bike is fantastic and i test rode a few thous before picking this gem, i do get the wheel up from time to time but no violent landings that would make me think the frame could be damaged.

    Oh well off to Peter Stevens to see when i can book it in.
    Got the letter today, had to sign 2 forms to get it off the postie,


    Found a link the the American Letter, the Australian one is voluntary.


    The letter on their website

    http://www.suzukicycles.com/~/media/Recalls/GS GSX GSXR 192 Website Letter.ashx

    And a little more info after a crash and break (bad news, but not for me)


    And Suzuki Recalls:

  2. I'd be hoping for the new frame personally rather than the repair they are suggesting - If I was looking at this bike to buy from you down the track and spotted some extra bits that looked out of place and held there with epoxy. I'd be a little sus regardless of what docs you could show me.
  3. I'm in the same boat, I got a recall letter from Honda the other day, potentially the brass weld at the fuel tank vent hose can fatigue and crack leading to fuel leaking on to the engine. I'm the third owner of the bike (07 CBR1000RR) and had to take it in yesterday to get checked. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) mine had the fatigue so had to leave the bike there while they overnight a new fuel tank. I guess better to find the problem now than find it too late... got them to do new tyres at same time so saved me a trip in the end i guess. I was told that a few bike manufacturers were doing big pushes at the moment though.
  4. I hope that's a typo :-s
  5. Zealt,

    I am only to hear of this issue through others (previously) and now you through your received letter...
    I guess I'll have to take the Gixxer in to a Suzuki dealer and have them look over it...
    As much as I 'hate' to have Peter Stevens lay a single finger on any motorcycle of mine, (after the first time I vowed to never EVER have any bike enter their service centre again...) I might have to use them, albeit NOT the City store...Ringwood seem to be rather good.
    Thanks for posting, Zealt (y)
  6. this is why you buy a Yamaha :)
  7. Yes it's a typo. Ta will fix.
  8. The way i read it was that there is no updated stronger frame, they just replace the frame if damaged and put the brace on that.

    The brace isn't in a spot you can see it unless you take half the bike apart and obviously is a Suzuki genuine part, although its not stock when designed it is a addition to add strength thus enhances the bike (hopefully making it a lot stronger), as do other accessories or parts you could get from anywhere and add to your bike.

    It's just how you look at it, the issue i have it being without it while the fix is applied.
  9. Your letter may still be in the mail, or gone to the previous owner, i also got a pre paid envelope incase i no longer had the bike and a form to fill out with the new owners details.

    So you may get one still, it also has the bikes VIN on it the forms that would make it easier for your dealer to process it.
  10. lol there was actually none listed for my bike :D go kawasaki!
  11. Is that because they have exploding chinese fuel tanks..????:angel::angel:

    search = r6 burning at broadford 17/2/08
  12. you could always try Jeffery Motorcycles in Ferntree Gully as they are Suzuki dealers now,as well as Honda and KTM.
  13. Hey, thanks rocket60 for that info mate !
    Always nice to know of specific bike dealers for cases such as this..cheers (y)
  14. The list isn't complete! I have a 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 & they have already had a recall on it for a 'potential' problem with the front left brake line hitting the rotor under heavy braking. :eek:
    Then again, it is an all new bike & I suppose there could be a few teething problems!!
    Although the 'genuine Kawasaki' fix is a rubber grommet & a cable tie!!! :nail:
  15. K5, K6. Didnt happen to all of them. Mine was fine.